(Clearwisdom.net) Since practitioner Gao Rongrong was persecuted to death, Singapore practitioners have been continuously holding activities in front of the Chinese embassy to protest the murder of Ms. Gao and demand punishment of the murderers.

Recently, hoisting truth-clarifying posters, groups of practitioners have been walking in Singapore streets to tell the public about the appalling killing of innocent people in China and call for help from kind-hearted people.

Some people asked: "Can I donate money to help [Falun Gong]?"

Some inquired about details of the persecution. They asked: "It is terrible, how can I help you?"

Some said: "I feel very sad, please call me if you need any help."

When reading practitioners' fliers, some had a very severe expression and shook their heads as if they were appalled by the atrocities of the CCP.


The famous Merlion Park

Singapore practitioners in front of the Chinese embassy, protesting the murder of Gao Rongrong