(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of June 19, 2005, the State Security Bureau in Chengdu City arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Xie Haifeng along with other practitioners while they were walking out of a supermarket. His residence was later ransacked. The State Security Bureau then tricked Xie's practitioner brother, Xie Qilin, into meeting them at his Chengdu City workplace, where they arrested him. His residence was later ransacked, as well. The State Security Bureau refused to disclose any information to their family members about the two brothers, and would not allow anyone to visit them. Presently, Xie Qilin is being detained at the Huayang Military Region Detention Center and Xie Haifeng is at the Chengdu City Detention Center.

Xie Qilin and Xie Haifeng were both considered technical experts at their work units. In addition to their work units, they are sorely needed by their elderly parents, who are frail and in poor health, and also by their wives, each of whom is due to give birth within a month's time.

We ask that practitioners send forth strong righteous thoughts to help these fellow practitioners and that those in the legal profession please provide assistance.

One after another, Falun Dafa material distribution centers in Chengdu City have been recently destroyed, and practitioners have been arrested. Ever since Luo Gan, head of the national 610 Office, came to inspect Sichuan Province, more and more practitioners have been secretly arrested. According to sources, the State Security Bureau in Chengdu City is conspiring to persecute even more practitioners.