Staff members in the Danshan Division of the Nanhu Forced Labor Camp in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province torture Falun Gong practitioners physically and force them to work for fifteen hours every day.

Section Three of Danshan Division detained practitioner Zhang Zhixiu. The prison guards tortured him cruelly to try to destroy his belief in Falun Dafa by handcuffing him and hanging him up from window railings for seven days and nights. As a result, the handcuffs dug into his wrists, causing him to completely lose consciousness. His legs were so swollen that the skin seemed to shine, and he could not walk. Even when he was hanging like this, Deputy Section Head Pan Sanbao led others to beat him. Gou Tao, the head of the prison guards, beat and cursed him whenever he wanted, as did prisoners directed by the guards. Zhang Zhixiu became extremely weak due to such extended mental and physical torture, he was as thin as a skeleton and his eyes were dull and lifeless.

The detained practitioners were forced to get up at 5:00 a.m. and work until 9:00 pm. They were only allowed to use the toilet once during the fifteen hour shift, apart from meal time. If they could not finish the assigned work, they had to work until midnight or the next morning. However, to the outside world the forced labor camp claimed, "Here we have civilized, humane management, with prisoners only being required to work six hours a day."

Tiantang brand umbrellas are produced here. Those who worked fast could sew 70 to 80 umbrellas a day. The prison guards treated Falun Gong practitioners as money-making machines and forced them to work day and night. Even former family visitation days and holidays were turned into working days. Meanwhile, their food was of low quality. A bowl of porridge in the morning had to sustain them for five hours and the pickled vegetables smelled of maggots. Their lunch and supper each had only one vegetarian dish and the vegetables were dirty, rotten, bitter, and tough. Some Falun Dafa practitioners developed bottom sores and swollen legs as a result of their long working hours. Those who could not finish the assigned tasks were slapped in the face, beaten with rubber sticks, shocked with electric batons, handcuffed, punished by being forced to kneel down for long periods of time, and put into solitary confinement.