(Clearwisdom.net) Local police arrested Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Shukun from the Economic and Technological Development District in mid-May. She encountered brutal tortures at the police station, such as being handcuffed behind the back and being force-fed with mustard solution. Nevertheless, she firmly sent righteous thoughts and successfully fled the station under Teacher's protection.

On the morning of May 23, 2005, Wang Jian and a police officer named Di from the Jiuzhan Police Station at the Economic and Technological Development District, together with a female head of the local residential committee, conned Ms. Zhang Shukun into opening the door. The lawless officials broke in and illegally searched her home. They took away Dafa books and materials and her daughter's computer. They abducted her husband and her daughter, neither of whom are Dafa practitioners. They also abducted Ms. Zhang, covered her head and detained her at the Jiuzhan Police Station.

Picture: Outside of the Jiuzhan Police Station

On May 23 at 1 o'clock in the afternoon the police and local officials started interrogating Ms. Zhang, using torture methods. This process was continued until midnight. They tortured Ms. Zhang to force her to reveal the source of the Dafa materials. They shouted at her, "You say that we are tyrants? You are right. We want to be the tyrants!" They first gripped Zhang's fingers tight and handcuffed them, and then threw the handcuffs on the table with a force, which made them tighter and tighter (Re-enactment figure 1). Once they had tightened her fingers without any space left, they continually shook and twisted her hands and wrists so that, within no time, the skin on her hands turned blue and purple.

(re-enactment figure 2).

(The illustrations in this article are re-enacted to resemble the scenes of abuse based on Ms. Zhang's description)

Re-enactment figure 1

Re-enactment figure 2

Then, police officers Wang and Di handcuffed Ms. Zhang's hands and feet separately onto a metal chair (Re-enactment figure 3). She was handcuffed behind the back in the "carrying a sword on the back" position: one hand was pulled over the shoulder and another hand came up from behind her back (Re-enactment figure 4). The pain was unbearable. The lawless officials were still not satisfied. They inserted a glass bottle into the gaps between the handcuffs and her back so that the extra pressure almost broke her arms. The handcuffs had by then cut deeply into her wrist, causing bleeding wounds (Re-enactment figure 5).

Re-enactment figure 3

Re-enactment figure 4: Back handcuffs

Re-enactment figure 5: Back handcuffs with glass bottle

Police handcuffed Ms. Zhang' back against a metal chair and started force-feeding her with mustard solution. One police officer was pulling her head back using a white towel and another was holding her head in a fixed position and force-feeding her the mustard solution through her nostrils (figure 6). While Ms. Zhang resisted with all her strength, the mustard solution was force-fed into one nostril and came out another nostril. To complete the force-feeding, the police used keys to stab her underarms (Re-enactment figure 7) so that her underarms turned immediately blue and purple.

Ms. Zhang Shukun started loudly asking Teacher for help. Some police officer commented "How could we force-feed her with this mustard solution? I am already choked by the strong smell, but she seems to feel nothing." Without any success the police finally gave up. A moment later they tried to force-feed Ms. Zhang again twice. As a result, Ms. Zhang clothing was covered with mustard.

Re-enactment figure 6: Strong-smelling mustard used for the force-feeding

Re-enactment figure 7: Barbarically force-fed with mustard solution

Next, the police forced Ms. Zhang to sit on the floor with her legs shackled. They found a mop and placed a mop on her shinbones. One officer stepped on the mop with one foot and ordered Ms. Zhang to tell the source of the Dafa materials. Receiving no response, the second police officer stepped on the mop and in the meantime rubbed the mop back and forth on her shinbones, which caused enormous pain, making her whole body tremble.

(Re-enactment figure 8) Two police officers step on the mop and roll it back and forth.

The police escalated their abuse since there was no sign of cooperation from Ms. Zhang. They placed a heavy iron rod horizontally on Ms. Zhang's shinbones and did the same thing as they did with the mop. The iron rod with the added weight of two people made Ms. Zhang's legs turn blue and purple, with bruises.

Re-enactment figure 9: Fiercely stepping on an iron rod.

Police officer Di said to Ms. Zhang while he administered tortures, "Bumping into me today is equal to bumping into a ghost." He also boasted and intimidated her by saying, "We have only used one third of the torture methods among 18 of them. There are more to come!" These kinds of tortures continued until midnight.

By then, Ms. Zhang Shukun had endured excruciating pain. She said silently to Teacher, "I cannot stay here. I must leave here to save more beings." She continued sending righteous thoughts to let the guards fall asleep. A moment later the guards did fall into a deep sleep. Ms. Zhang pulled her feet out of the shackles, which were affixed to the metal chair and walked to a nearby door. When she attempted to pull it, the door opened and she fled the police station.

The day after she fled, officers from the Jiuzhan Police Station came to her family and attempted to get some information about where she was hiding. By then Ms. Zhang family simply did not know what had happened. When they went to the station and requested the release of Ms. Zhang, the police had threatened to arrest Ms. Zhang's family members and put them in custody.


Jiuzhan Police Station at the Economic and Technological Development District,
Jilin City, Liaoning Province, Postal Code 132101
Police personally involved in this gross abuse: Police Wang Jian and Di: 86-432-3058487
New Jiuzhan Police Station: 86-432-3057899 or 86-432-3058646

Police Department at the Economic and Technological Development District
Jiuzhan Street, Jilin City, Liaoning Province, Postal code 132101
Reception desk: 86-432-3054110
Li Xinhe, Police Department head; Cao Qingwei, Commissar; Tang Gang, deputy head, and Liu Shixun, the division hea