More than 30 Falun Dafa practitioners are currently still imprisoned in the Baoding Gaoyang Labor Camp. The camp officials accept prisoners who are terminally ill, and refuse to release those who cannot even tend to their own basic daily needs.

Ms. Chen Aihong, 53 years old, is a practitioner from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. When she was sent to the labor camp on March 15, 2005, she was diagnosed with heart problems, but the labor camp ignored the diagnosis and accepted her into the camp anyway. Ms. Chen has since been found to have severe blood shortage in her heart and has not been able to tend to her own daily necessities. To date, she has been bedridden with her illness for three months.

Ms. Zhao Shuying, 38 years old, is a practitioner from Xihe Village, Xiheying Town, Wei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. She frequently trips and falls down when she walks, and has a spasm when she gets up. The Gaoyang Labor Camp doctors diagnosed her with a neck bone protrusion that has overstressed the nerves in her brain. She has been bedridden for the past two months, and is unable to tend to her basic daily activities. Many practitioners imprisoned at the Baoding Gaoyang Labor Camp are in similar situations.

Relevant Telephone Numbers:

1. Hebei Province Gaoyang Labour Camp
Main Office: 86-312-6816458
Fax: 86-312-6816460
Discipline Monitoring Office: 86-312-6815765
First Team: 86-312-6813111 86-312-6815435
Second Team: 86-312-6813632 86-312-6816425
Third Team: 86-312-6816459 86-312-6815431
Fourth Team: 86-312-6815638
Fifth Team: 86-312-6816444
Female Middle Team: 86-312-6815141 86-312-6815245
Sixth Team: 86-312-6813117
Labour Camp Chief, Party Council Secretary Wang Peiyi: 86-312-6816555 (Office), 86-13833269098 (Cell), 86-311-3997669 (Home)
Political Committee Song Weizhong: 86-312-6815759 (Office), 86-13931370538 (Cell), 86-311-3837983 (Home)
Labour Camp Deputy Chief Li Zhanguo: 86-312-6815773 (Office), 86-312-6620120 (Home), 86-13931370539 (Cell)
Labour Camp Deputy Chief Jing Guoping: 86-312-6815499 (Office), 86-312-5026968 (Home), 86-13903128008 (Cell)
Chief of Political Office Chen Jianming: 86-312-6815771 (Office), 86-312-6626951 (Home), 86-13932256618 (Cell)
Calls from overseas Dafa disciples have stunned the evil and made them very afraid. The evil has felt the enormous tide of Fa-rectification.
2. Gaoyang Labour Camp Criminal Authorities Phone Numbers
Gaoyang Labour Camp Fifth Team: 86-312-6815141
Ran Baoke (Police): 86-13930817917 (Cell)
3. People in the Hebei Province Gaoyang Labour Camp who have participated in persecuting Falun Gong
Hebei Province Gaoyang County Council Secretary Zhang Ying, Deputy Secretary Jiao Long, Wang Fuyou, County Chief Yuan Zhenjiang, Deputy County Chief Ma Yirui, Sun Li, Tian Lankuan, Political and Judical Committee Chief Liang Jingsheng (mainly in charge of arresting and persecuting Falun Gong), Wang Quanfu.
County Committee Office: 86-312-6699614
Political and Judicial Committee: 86-312-6699796 86-312-6699956
Public Security Bureau: 86-312-6623723 (Office)
National Security Team Leader's Office: 86-312-6620610 86-312-6622748 86-312-6623339
Criminal Police Team: 86-312-6627085 86-312-6602132
Detention Centre: 86-312-6626829