(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004, practitioner Ms. Lian wanted to print out truth clarification materials herself after reading on the Minghui website that, in order to improve safety, materials production sites should spring up everywhere. In November, the family materials production sites began operating and printing large numbers of truth clarification materials. This provided a favorable environment for greater numbers of Dafa disciples coming out to clarify the truth. Ms. Lian studied the Fa more earnestly; sometimes she would not get finished during the day, but she made up for it during the night and did not miss a single day.

One day a policeman came to Lian's home. When she heard it was the police, the only thing she had in mind was, with all the materials in the house, the door must not be opened. No one can move a rock-solid heart. She spoke righteously and the policemen turned around and left.

At night Ms. Lian spoke with a fellow practitioner and decided to relocate the site immediately to prevent something bad from happening to the equipment and materials. They found a male practitioner to help them move. The male practitioner transported packages up and down the stairs without getting tired. A heap of bags and packages of every kind, from large to small, were to be moved. One can imagine the effort it took for one person to move them all. The packages were moved successfully and quickly. The new location was on the fifth floor. They again depended on one person to move them. When asked if he was tired, he said, not at all, there was not even a feeling of soreness in his legs.

At eleven that night after unpacking, the practitioners discovered that the printer was missing. There had been so many things to move; the printer did not fit in the trunk and had to be placed in the back seat of the taxi. They remembered immediately that the printer might have been left in the car. They thought, "How could such a big omission occur, and what could the shortcoming be?" Even though there were a lot of packages, that mistake should not have happened.

The next day Ms. Lian went to the fellow practitioner's house, and after learning what happened, she immediately said, "Printer, if you can come back, then find your way back. We have worked together all this time. You work very well and never made any mistakes. We cannot give you up. Your mission has not yet been completed, so come back quickly."

Two days later, the fellow practitioner's son saw a note posted on the electric meter by the gate. It said that a resident had left something in a taxi and asked the resident to contact the driver. They were able to reach the driver very quickly, and the printer was returned.

Although no real harm was done, the practitioners looked back upon what happened and asked why the incident occurred this way, and looked for their omissions. The reason they discovered was that when the car was approaching the house, the practitioner's attachment to showing off emerged, "Look at how daring I am, having a car with so much material parked right in front of my family residence." So instead of consideration for the Fa and for fellow practitioners, the practitioner was showing off her courage. Looking back, she realized this was not the only time this attachment had been revealed to her.

Let us continue to cultivate ourselves, as any attachment is a barrier to our success. How can these attachments be kept if one wants to reach Consummation? Master has placed a great responsibility on our shoulders, so let us cultivate diligently.

June 23, 2005