(Clearwisom.net) There is a Chinese expression, "The just are bold and assured." As we are in the right, why can't we demand justice? As long as we have strong righteous thoughts, with Teacher's protection and the help of fellow practitioners, we can overcome tribulations one by one. Teacher said,

"If a disciple has enough righteous thoughts,
Master will have the power to save the disciple from any desperate situation."

("Gratitude of Master and Disciples," from Hong Yin II, unofficial translation)

"Dafa never leaves the body, Heart contains Zhen-Shan-Ren;
A great Arhat in the world, Spirits and ghosts fear the most."

("Mighty Virtue," Hong Yin)

When I heard the news about "the biggest nation-wide raid on Falun Gong since July 20, 1999," I too hid the Falun Gong materials that I had. One reason I was afraid was that the materials might become "evidence," but more than that I knew what a pity it would be if such precious materials were lost or destroyed. After reading several relevant articles from the Minghui Weekly, I felt I'd reached a deeper understanding. Didn't Teacher tell us that one righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils? We are Falun Gong practitioners and we are doing the greatest things in the world. I not only have Teacher, I also have the Fa, and more than one hundred million fellow practitioners. Why should I fear the evil? Only the wicked people who persecute practitioners are afraid. At any time, anywhere in the world, an evil regime cannot exist for long. Only justice can exist forever. The human world is no place for evil to act violently. No matter how violent the evil is, it only lasts for a very short time, and is ultimately under the control of the just nature of the cosmos.

Following are some of my stories from the past several years, since I started practicing Falun Gong. I've written them down in the hope that more practitioners will also share their experiences.

As early as 1999, I wrote letters to the Director General of the Public Security Bureau about the local police harassing me and ransacking my home (they even took the money I tucked in a notebook) and asked for justice. I pointed out that their behavior was illegal and a violation of my human rights.

Since then I've brought lawsuits against the relevant units, categorizing the persecution I suffered in the detention center, especially the brutal beating I received at the hands of a policeman with the surname of Xiao (though they refused to accept the case). I often carry the indictment papers with me and appeal my case to any officials I meet, turning the passive into the active. Instead of submissively waiting for the police and officials to come and find me, I proactively go to them. In recent years, I've had fewer problems. When I went to them, I asked them to return the money they extorted from my son, including 2000 yuan in so-called bail, and 3000 yuan they charged him as a "brainwashing fee."

Those charges stem from the time I was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp. When it happened I kept clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to the police and sending forth righteous thoughts to stop the evil. I told them that I'd done nothing wrong and shouldn't be sent to a labor camp. I said it was they who should be subjected to forced labor to correct their mistakes. At the forced labor camp they checked my blood pressure and didn't dare admit me because it was so high. In order to complete their task, however, the police forced me to stay, making a false statement saying that my high blood pressure was due to anxiety, and saying that they would check my blood pressure later. I ceaselessly sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to rescue me. After one hour, my blood pressure was even higher than it had previously been. After I went home, the police came to secure the bail money I was expected to pay in order to be released for medical treatment. Under these circumstances, I read to them from several Falun Dafa materials, such as the article "Remorse of a Police Officer." At that time my son tried to stop me from doing this. He said he was afraid that the police didn't have time to listen to me. To our surprise, however, the officers let me read the materials to them.

One time I was detained in a brainwashing center. While I was there, several officials from the provincial 610 office came to "see" me. I asked them, "Can you still deny that the practice of Falun Gong is a reflection of one's personal beliefs? I think that you, as officials, should undoubtedly know that the Chinese Constitution allows freedom of belief. Different people have different desires. The birds feel happiest when they are flying, while fish are most cheerful when swimming." Afterwards, I spoke in detail to them, telling them that Falun Gong is cultivation practice for one's mind and body, and that it can greatly strengthen the body and spirit. I also told them that it's very effective in removing sickness and keeping fit. Wherever Falun Gong is practiced, the kindness of human nature is awakened; Dafa teaches sentient beings to strive towards compassion, and illuminates the human spirit with peaceful and purified wisdom.

Then, one of them started to repeat the evil Party's media's slanderous propaganda, asking me, "Why did your Teacher escape?"

I in turn asked him, "How can you say 'escape'? Regardless of their race or where they live, all predestined people with kind hearts should practice Dafa. As early as 1995, our Teacher was invited to foreign countries to teach the Fa." Then I told them that Falun Gong has been spread to more than 70 countries throughout the world, and Zhuan Falun has been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Moreover, it has received more than 1,000 proclamations from different governments and organizations around the world, including the "Frontier Science Award," which was awarded by the Chinese government at the 1993 Oriental Health Expo in Beijing. I also clarified the truth about the April 25 appeal at the State Council Appeals Office adjacent to Zhongnanhai, the "1400 Cases," and the "Tiananmen Square Staged Self Immolation Incident." Because I was in a great mental state at that time, it was a really righteous speech! After the 610 Office heads went out, they said, "Wow, how brave she was to speak out against injustice!"

No matter where I am or who asks me if I still practice Falun Gong, I always righteously answer, "Yes!" This is their most magnificent chance in trillions of years to obtain such a great cultivation practice. It provides me the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. I came to understand that as long as we strive to do the three things well, we can always find chances to clarify the truth in various environments.

Striving to do the three things well is the main part of my life. I read at least one lecture in Zhuan Falun every day. With a more concentrated effort, I can finish reading the whole book within two days. I carefully read each one of Master's articles and other material about Falun Gong that I can get. Moreover, I send forth righteous thoughts at the suggested hours. On special days, I send them hourly. My acquaintances say, "Not many people know your name. They only know that you are practicing Falun Gong."

Several days ago, a police officer asked me if I had "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." I told him, "It's a great book. If you listen to me, you will benefit a lot."

June 19, 2005