(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Xia, 36, lived in Xima Town, Longli County, Guizhou Province. She had illnesses throughout her body before she learned Falun Gong, and became healthy after she began practicing. After the persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999, policemen savagely beat Ms. Wang because she was steadfast in her Falun Gong practice. The beating broke her wrist and she was illegally incarcerated for 15 days. After Ms. Wang returned home, her whole family regarded her as a bad person. People from the government monitored her, and personnel from her work unit went to talk with her and threaten her. Due to many forms of pressure, Ms. Wang's physical and mental state deteriorated. She died on March 29, 2003.

Ms. Liu Jie, 43, was a resident of Qingshan Mountain, Baotou City of Inner Mongolia. In April 2001, because she firmly practiced Falun Gong, she was reported to the police. Ms. Liu was illegally sentenced to 13 months of forced labor. This resulted in Ms. Liu suffering a mental collapse due to the torture. After she was sent home, she was harassed by the local police many times and was under great pressure. She died on June 6, 2005.

Ms. Chen Guizhen, 64, had serious illnesses before she learned Falun Gong. She often experienced severe nosebleeds. She had difficulties standing and walking, as she often fainted, and several times she was on the brink of death. After she started practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Chen gradually became healthy. On July 20, 1999, when the persecution started, her children and husband's minds were poisoned by the deceitful lies constantly spread about Falun Gong. They started to make trouble for her and forced her to do manual labor. Ms. Chen was verbally abused as soon as she was a bit slow in doing the work they forced upon her. Even the day before she collapsed, her husband used a small donkey cart to carry her to the field to do the farm work and verbally abused her when she was too weak to do it. Ms. Chen became ill and died on July 22, 2004.

Ms. Wang Yanjun, 47, was a resident of Xinmin Village, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. She was a disabled person and confined to a wheelchair and needed help whenever she lay down or sat up. On July 20, 1999, Ms. Wang was very to happy to learn Falun Gong, but soon, Falun Gong was attacked and defamed through radio and TV programs. Ms. Wang started to read Zhuan Falun while she was under a lot of pressure. Thanks to the practice, in 2002 she was able to get in and out of the wheelchair by herself. In 2004, her husband, who did not practice Falun Gong, started to make trouble for her. He forced her to do a lot of work that she was unable to do because she couldn't walk. He did not cook for her or buy food for her. He ate the food brought for her by her family and friends. When fellow practitioners helped Ms. Wang to do things without letting him know, he verbally abused them as soon as he found out, and tried his utmost to prevent her from contacting other people. This lasted until Wang Yanjun died on March 30, 2004 (Chinese lunar calendar).

Ms. Zhang Guizhi, 72, was a practitioner from Daer Taicai, Songcenmen Township, Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province. She lost her cultivation environment after July 20, 1999. Ms. Zhang suddenly had a stroke and was treated in the hospital. After she was sent home, her family did not want to look after her, as they feared being implicated and losing their jobs. This elderly woman died of her illnesses on May 25, 2002.

Mr. Wang Zhendong, 72, was a practitioner from Donggou Village, Wafang Town, Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province. Due to long-term persecution, he died in December 2003.

Mr. Zhang Zhongren, 70, was a retired official from the Shenyang City High Pressure Switch Factory. He suffered a serious stroke after his retirement, and his brain had shrunk. Mr. Zhang fully recovered after practicing Falun Gong. Due to the persecution, however, he died on March 1, 2003.

Ms. Wu Shulan, 79, was a practitioner from Changchun City, Jilin Province. Her son also practiced Falun Gong. Her son was unlawfully arrested after July 20, 1999. After that time, she was constantly worried and afraid. She was quite concerned that her son might be incarcerated and persecuted. Ms. Wu actually had become healthy after practicing Falun Gong, but then she suddenly became ill in September 2000, and her health quickly deteriorated. She died in October 2000.

Ms. Zhang Lixin was a practitioner in her 50s from Changchun City, Jilin Province. Her long-term illness had completely vanished after she started practicing Falun Gong. She fully experienced the mighty power of Falun Gong. During the rampant persecution that began on July 20, 1999, Ms. Zhang felt great mental pressure. In particular, her younger brother was arrested and persecuted many times, and was brutally tortured. One day in March 2002, she learned that the authorities had again taken her brother away. The next day she died from an acute heart attack.

June 25, 2005