(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, many well-known companies are working with prisons, forced labor camps and detention centers in China to produce certain products for sale in China and overseas. Many of these products are not only of low quality, but they are also contaminated with infectious viruses and bacteria by detainees who are forced to make them under deplorable conditions. The Mudanjiang Prison in Helongjiang Province is a prime example.

Chopsticks are made at the Mudanjiang Prison, as well as children's clothes, which are produced in cooperation with the Beijing Huilinkai Clothing Manufacturing Co., and exported to Japan. These products are contaminated with extremely infectious bacteria, viruses and mites. There are even lice in the ready-to-wear clothes. The detainees who work to produce the clothes have routinely not bathed for periods of up to 10 or 20 days. They are forced to work 12 hours a day, and those who fail to finish their quotas are punished. Under such an oppressive workload, many detainees must work hard and often miss shower time. Detainees in poor health must endure beatings and taunts from the guards. Under such terrible conditions, many detainees suffer dermatosis, including scabies, which usually contaminate the clothes. It is estimated that more than 2,000 detainees are involved in the manufacturing of clothes every day. The facts concerning these activities are completely censored by the authorities, and anyone who dares to reveal the ugly truth about what goes on at the prison is targeted for retaliation.

In 2004, a detainee wrote a note, which he put in with the chopsticks, warning the buyer about the threat of bacterial and viral contamination. Unfortunately, the note was found by an inspector, who reported it. Guards beat the detainee with electric batons and wooden clubs until he was close to death. Several days later, the man passed away due to his severe injuries. His family wasn't allowed to see him, and they never learned the truth about what happened to him.

Products made at the Mudanjiang Prison are not limited to clothing and chopsticks; they make many other things, such as car cushions, toothpicks, and soybean albumen, which are all produced under these horrendous conditions.

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