(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners think that spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and persuading people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is being political. Clear-minded practitioners should not have such a problem. However, to practitioners who are still unclear about viewing and doing things from the perspective of the Fa, and who haven't removed the CCP's poisonous elements from their minds, there appears to be a significant barrier. These practitioners should try to catch up, as they have not kept pace with the progress of the Fa-rectification.

These practitioners superficially understand that cultivation in Falun Dafa is different from any other cultivation way in history. Yet at the microscopic level, beyond their conscious thoughts, they are still comparing cultivation in Falun Dafa with cultivation practices of the past. They still may not understand that the sole purpose of these practices was to lay a foundation for today's dissemination of Dafa. They have difficulty grasping the inner meaning of Fa-rectification cultivation with rationality. They think, "Why does one have to take care of such things in cultivation? Why bother with the CCP?" Some practitioners have the attachment of fear. Such a long-lasting attachment of fear and the control imposed by the evil specter make them feel that since the CCP is in power, spreading the Nine Commentaries is attempting to oppose and overthrow the CCP.

These practitioners have a common problem. They have not studied Master's recent articles and lectures carefully. Some believe these articles to be of lesser importance, and read them once or twice, then put them out of their minds. They feel they are already familiar with the topics. Yet, they do not pay attention to cleansing their bodies. They hold on to the mindset that tells them that they are not poisoned as much. As a result, they are unaware that they are still controlled by the evil specter.

The above is from a specific point of view I wished to take. A more general perspective involves the issue of understanding, faith in, and respect for Dafa and Master.

Master clearly stated several times that when he explains the Fa, he is not bound by human language, culture, thinking, or notions. In order to explain the principles of the Fa clearly, Master can "use the language at will." The Fa creates everything, and everything in the Three Realms and the human world is established for the Fa-rectification. During the Fa-rectification, everything in the human world can be used for the Fa-rectification, including some systems developed for today's "political environment," and built upon human notions, such as human rights conferences. Arrangements that were developed using the distorted mindset and logic of "being political" (because of spreading the Nine Commentaries and persuading people to withdraw from the CCP) need to be addressed earnestly.

What we are doing has just one purpose - saving the world's people and sentient beings. Attending a human rights conference is done for one reason only, because there are sentient beings waiting to be saved. We reveal the evil nature of the CCP because it is harmful to people. The CCP's disguised methods hinder us from saving people. That's it. In other words, it is not because they are a political party, or a party in power, or because they are the Communist Party that we are exposing them. If it were an individual, or some other party who did what they did, we would expose them as well.

In fact, the negative connotation of "being political" does not come from the words themselves. It is a meaning imposed by the CCP. To human beings, as long as they do not harm others, it is not a sin to have a different political agenda, idea, or point of view. It is standard behavior, and is the norm in democratic countries. I suggest that only in a communist country does one need such an accusation connoting evil, to assault dissidents and maintain the dictatorship.

Some practitioners fear being accused of "being political." This is also an attachment that should be eliminated. Since we are not interested in politics, why can't we get rid of the fear of being called "being political?" We just want to save people. Everyday people also say that we are a religion, but we are not. I think we can kindly explain it to people without being too attached to it. Nevertheless, if a political person wants to save you, will you not let him? People might be cautious about anything perceived as being political, yet they might not be completely annoyed by it. The point is that we shouldn't have any barriers in our minds.

To put it simply, Dafa is not involved in politics, nor are Dafa disciples interested in politics. We have no political agendas to change any social system, political system, properties, or land. However, this doesn't mean that we need to avoid anything having to do with politics. On the contrary, we can always choose a form and apply it in a benevolent way to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. The reason that we have chosen the forms we currently utilize is that the old forces have imposed their arrangements on this world, and their arrangements are very deficient. We use them benevolently because we want to save people. The significance of this desire transcends the forms themselves.

I want to remind practitioners for whom this issue remains an obstacle that they should look within. I'm positive that they will realize that they may not have complete faith in what Master says. They may only believe what conforms to their notions. As long as it does not conform to their notions, or if it confronts their attachments, they may have some doubts. Practitioners should keep clear minds under such circumstances. Otherwise, it can be dangerous. It can pull one back to an ordinary person's state and destroy him/her.

Let's remember Master's words:

"The path that Master tells you to take is sure to be righteous," (from "Master's New Year's Greetings in 2005") and

"In the Fa-rectification, there's a principle: however I handle something, it's righteous. Remember these words from Master: however I handle something is righteous, and those who are dealt with are always wrong. The reason is, that's the choice of the cosmos, the choice of the future." ("Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

Written on May 12, 2005