By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin Province

( I am a Falun Dafa practitioner living in a rural area. I have not had extraordinary experiences like other practitioners. I have been doing very simple acts to validate Dafa. With Teacher's protection, I have passed through dangerous situations without harm. Thank you, Teacher.

I live in a very remote area and so have very little chance to meet with other practitioners. The only contact I have is with my aunt, from whom I learned about Dafa.

I don't even see my aunt very often. Every time we meet, it is when I have been slacking off and my righteous thoughts are not strong enough. Teacher apparently arranges for me to meet with my aunt when I need to. Each time we meet, my aunt brings me Teacher's latest articles and half a dozen truth clarification materials.

My aunt lives in the city. She has to take a long bus ride to come to see me. Sometimes, when my relatives go to see her, she gives them some materials for me. She does not have a lot of copies of materials, since she has great difficulty getting them. Sometimes she gives me a few copies of Minghui Weekly. I read them in one sitting until deep into the night. I long to be able to share experiences with fellow practitioners and find out what is happening outside of China. I am really inspired by the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of the practitioners outside of China. I was so moved by one article that described how Teacher delivered water to practitioners in Manhattan who were clarifying the truth.

Over the past few years, when I ran out of truth clarification materials, I wrote them out by hand by copying one of my aunt's. I used carbon paper to make more than one copy at a time and put the flyers into envelopes. I had to write for a few days before I had enough to distribute for one day. I usually went out at night. When people got up in the morning, they would find the materials.

One time, after I had finished distributing the flyers, I went to a store to hear what people were saying about them. One person was holding a flyer and said, "I wonder who wrote this. It looks like someone with a high-level education. How much time does it take to do all this! It must be a university student. Every family has received a copy. This is so remarkable. We'd better hide it from the police or we will be in trouble." A few others who were present had a positive attitude towards Dafa as well. I am really happy about this. I don't mind missing some sleep so people can treat Falun Dafa with kindness

Since I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, I have yet to find one of my relatives who is against my cultivation. My brother said, "Do it if you find it good. Don't worry about what others might say."

Due to interference, I could not implement my plan to go to Beijing to validate Dafa, but I did embark on a journey to clarify the truth. During the process, I received support from many people, especially my husband, who has benefited a lot from the Fa. I told him how Teacher taught us to be good people. As a result, he knows a lot of the Fa principles and has changed many of his bad habits. He took over the household chores so I would have more time to study the Fa or write out truth clarification materials. He even helped me distribute them. He goes where I go, and he is creating a future for himself.

He has sometimes gotten up at 2 a.m. to go with me to tear down posters with slogans that defame Falun Dafa and replace them with truth clarification flyers. Our only transportation is an old bicycle. He took me on his bike and went everywhere, rain or shine. He has endured a lot of hardships, but he never once complained. One time our bike was stolen and we had to ride a broken one. As he was riding the bike, he complained bitterly about the thief, and he even wanted to take revenge. I shared with him the Fa principles to help him put things in perspective. After that he did not mention taking revenge any more.

I was faced with many dangerous situations in doing things to validate the Fa, but Teacher was always with me. I always returned home safely.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Teacher. One time in a dream, a middle-aged man appeared in front of me. I could not see him clearly but felt very close to him. He was surrounded by a field of pure compassion. He did not speak a word to me. He drove me home and showed me how to hold on to the handle tightly so I would not fall. Eventually, we came to a steep cliff covered with oozing mud in front of us like a wall. I thought to myself, "I don't think I can pass this." At this point Teacher walked to the wall, dug out a hole in it, and pressed his foot hard to make a footprint for me to follow in. He continued to do this until he went up the cliff. I was just one step from the top. Teacher extended his hand to pull me up, but then I saw a big boulder blocking me. Suddenly, on my right, someone appeared and pushed the boulder away. I got to the top and then immediately woke up. I was in tears. I will never forget how Teacher dug out the holes with his hands and used his feet to make footprints for me to follow.

I have realized that, in cultivation, the barriers are our own human thoughts. Without human thinking, there would be no barriers. They are like mountains blocking us, and we cannot walk around them--we have to eliminate them. This is how we can succeed as Falun Dafa practitioners.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

May 19, 2005