(Clearwisdom.net) An elderly practitioner who suffered a stroke in late November last year was taken to the hospital emergency room for treatment. After reading the CT scan, the doctor said to her family, "It looks like she has suffered a stroke before." Her family answered, "She had a stroke two years ago but it was cured without seeing a doctor because she was practicing Falun Gong at the time." The doctor said, "Why did you come here this time?" Her family said, "She does not study or practice much anymore, so we are not sure about her!" The doctor seemed to know something about Falun Gong and said sincerely, "Why not let her continue practicing Falun Gong, since the only thing we can do is to operate on her."

This practitioner was never very diligent about cultivation and began to slack off two years ago when she started to baby-sit. One day she fell suddenly. Since her family members are cultivators, they read Zhuan Falun to her for 40 minutes and then played Teacher's recordings. She said that she felt the Falun turning inside her, especially near her head, and she was well again after three days.

Her sudden illness this time came about because, as she had been looking after her newborn grandchild for the previous year, she rarely had any time to practice the exercises or read Zhuan Falun. Basically, she was not cultivating. Fellow practitioners and her relatives learned about this and went to the hospital to send forth righteous thoughts. Other practitioners also sent thoughts at the same time every night. She was able to walk not long after and began to practice again. This elderly woman went from being a stroke patient who needed constant help to making a speedy recovery. The mighty power of Falun Dafa is undeniable.

Although she fell down many times, our great benevolent Teacher picked her up to save her every time!

Finally, I'd like to remind myself and fellow practitioners that cultivation is not child's play, it is a serious matter! Let us all strive forward diligently together and cherish this opportunity that Teacher has given us.