(Clearwisdom.net) After Jiang Zemin instituted the policy of "Bankrupt Falun Gong practitioners financially, defame their reputations and eliminate them physically," many practitioners suffered brutal persecution over a period of years. The 610 Office from Xuzhou City, and the mental hospital in Xuzhou, have tortured practitioners by injecting them with drugs that damage the central nervous system. Most of these victims are women.

The practitioners who have been tortured in the Xuzhou Dongdianzi Mental Hospital are: Ms. Jia Huili, Ms. Gu Xuanying, Ms. Wu Jiyun, Mr. Song Yishu, Ms. Chen Li, Ms. Chen Xi, Ms. Li Xin, Ms. Li Guirong, Ms. Wang Jiudi, Mr. Lin Xinyi, Mr. Wei Dong, Ms. Bian Guiju, Ms. Xu Xingrong, Ms. Gu Guiling, Mr. Sun Jinghao and others.

The practitioners who have been tortured in the Xuzhou Chapeng Mental Hospital are: Ms. Wu Di, Ms. Peng Chongmei, Ms. Ding Jianhua, Ms. Yuan Ling, Ms. Guo Juanling, Ms. Bian Guiling, Ms. Wang Shumei and others.

A practitioner imprisoned in one of the mental hospitals was forcibly injected with unknown drugs twice, and force-fed drugs three times. After the injection was forced upon him, the practitioner's limbs became weak. His whole body was in pain and was trembling. His state of mind was unclear, and his thoughts became confused to the point where he could not follow directions. He also could not chew food, and rice would easily fall out of his mouth. The practitioner was unable to find his way to the door of the restroom. Staring straight ahead, he walked slowly and drooled. He didn't even have the strength to wash his face or brush his teeth. When attempting to wash his clothes, the practitioner was only able to put the clothes in water, but unable to complete the task, as he became confused, as if he was walking in a fog.

When the sensitive dates arrived (for example, Master's birthday, holidays, and July 20), the mental hospitals increased the drug doses that were force-fed to the practitioners. This caused some practitioners to experience the side effect of a stiff neck that was so severe that they were unable to turn their heads. Their tongues were also so stiff that they couldn't eat solid food, only some rice soup. The drugs rendered them unable to speak. The director of one of the mental hospitals said, "It seems impossible that you would want to continue to live and not seek to die."

The mental hospitals increased the drugs doses that they force-fed or injected the practitioners who persisted on practicing Falun Gong. One of the practitioners was forced to have high doses of injections for more than 40 days. During that time, the practitioner completely lost her memory. After they stopped forcing her to take the drugs, her memory was slowly restored, but it never returned to normal. Even the staff working in the mental hospital acknowledged, "If I were injected that many times, I would not be able to bear it."

They also shocked practitioners with electricity. They forcibly held a practitioner down on the floor, put several electrodes on her head and then administered an electric current. The electric shock caused the practitioner to lose consciousness for several hours. As soon as she woke up, several guards tried to talk with her. They talked about all kinds of daily matters. However, as soon

as they cursed Teacher, the practitioner said, "Teacher is good, I can't curse Teacher, I can't curse, I can't... ... "

These few words cannot express the terrible conditions in these places. All of the practitioners detained in the mental hospitals said about their experience, "Living was worse than dying."