1. Jilin Dafa Practitioner Yang Chunyong Missing for Six Years

Dafa practitioners Mr. Yang Chunming and Mr. Yang Chunyong from Yushu City in Jilin Province, were arrested by police on August 16, 1999 when they were resting on a Beijing sidewalk. On August 18, the police took the two brothers to Changchun. On the speeding train, elder brother Yang Chunming went to use the toilet, and when he returned to his seat, he could not find policeman Wang or his brother, Yang Chunyong. He asked another policeman, who said he didn't know what happened. After searching for them in all compartments on the train, he still could not find them. This train had air-conditioning and the windows were completely sealed. There was only one small window in the train driver's compartment. It was impossible that Mr. Yang Chunyong could have jumped out of the train. Later, when Mr. Yang Chunming questioned policeman Wang, he spoke evasively and said he didn't know what happened. Six years have passed, and there has not been any news regarding Mr. Yang Chunyong.

2. Ms. Dong Guirong Disappears in Beijing in Late November 2004

Dafa practitioner Ms. Dong Guirong, from Jilin City, ran a clothing business in Beijing, and disappeared in late November 2004.

Ms. Dong Guirong was arrested by authorities in 2001 while delivering truth-clarifying materials from a truth-clarification materials production site. She was sentenced to three and half years in prison. I got to know Ms. Dong in the Chaoyang District Detention Center. At that time, she didn't tell the authorities her name, but the number that the detention center gave her was 3568. Later, she was detained in the Jilin Provincial Prison. Her younger sister, also a practitioner, was sentenced to ten years in prison, and is still detained in the Jilin Prison.

Ms. Dong Guirong went to Beijing in June 2004, and often came to my place to get truth-clarifying materials. When I left, I encouraged her to obtain truth clarifying materials from another practitioner's home. However, Ms. Dong didn't show up to get truth materials for a long time. It was said that Ms. Dong Guirong disappeared at the end of November. Ms. Dong's daughter said she agreed to go out together with her mother in the afternoon to do some shopping, but when she came back home around noon time, her mother was gone.

3. Mr. Tan Guangfeng from Heilongjiang Province Missing for Over One Year

Dafa practitioner Mr. Tan Guangfeng, 39, from Bin County in Heilongjiang Province, started to practice Falun Gong in the spring of 1999. On February 18, 2000, Mr. Tan went to Beijing to validate Dafa, and on his way there, he was arrested by authorities. Mr. Tan was detained at the Changchun Detention Center and later transferred to the local detention center to be illegally detained for six months. He suffered from all kinds of torture, and became very emaciated. In December 2000, Mr. Tan was arrested again, and he and his mother were detained for over six months. On May 2, 2004, Mr. Tan went to the residential buildings of Harbin Train Station to distribute truth-clarifying materials and didn't come back that evening. Mr. Tan has now been missing for over one year, and there has been no news about his disappearance.

4. Mr. Dang Jilai Missing for Four Years

Mr. Dang Jilai is about 30 years old. He lived in the countryside of Gansu Province. Mr. Dang began practicing Falun Dafa when he worked in Chongqing City, before the persecution began. Sometime around March 2000, Dang Jilai went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was arrested and sent back to Gansu for one month's detention. In early June, Mr. Dang went to Chongqing to work again. In order to pay the deposit owed to the workplace for being hired, Mr. Dang borrowed money from some fellow practitioners. There has not been any news about him for four years. The luggage that he left in Chongqing before he went to Beijing to appeal has not yet been picked up.