(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Guan Shujuan lives in First Liaolanmin Village, Liaolan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province. She obtained the Fa in 1997, and has been abducted multiple times and sent to brainwashing classes, placed under house arrest or had money extorted by the police and Liaolan Town Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee. In November 2000, her second oldest sister (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) was tortured almost to death. Ms. Guan went to Beijing to appeal against the vicious persecution with her other sisters and her niece (all Falun Dafa practitioners), and four other fellow practitioners from Liaolan Town.

After being stopped at the Liaolan Police Station, they were detained in the town's CCP Committee Office for 20 days. They then were detained in Qingdao City Detention Center for one month, sent back to the Pingdu City Detention Center, and detained there for 15 more days. Finally, Pingdu City Police Department Head personally issued a decision, "These people do not meet the charges necessary to be sent to the labor camp." (This decision was known to many people in the neighborhood.) Still the Liaolan Police Director said, "I will find an excuse to sentence you to two to three years of forced labor." Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wei Shuping was also sentenced to forced labor together with Ms. Guan Shujuan.

In January 2001, Liaolan Town Police Station officials fabricated an excuse to secretly send Ms. Guan Shujuan to the Jinan City Labor Camp to serve three years of forced labor. During that time period when Ms. Guan was serving the term, her fifteen-year-old son (not a practitioner) could not bear the injustice committed against his mother. He took poison and died on August 30, 2001. Her husband (not a practitioner) was also depressed by all of these cruel attacks and filed for divorce in March 2002. The Liaolan Town Court House refused to provide a copy of the divorce certificate to Ms. Guan, making her life extremely difficult after being released.

Ms. Guan Shujuan's second older sister died in May 2002. Ms. Guan was released from the labor camp in June 2003. The house was in her ex-husband's name, so she was left with no place to live. She had to live with the help of her friends and family. The Liaolan Town Police Station harassed her when she tried to register for residency certificate.