(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Weizhen, former senior engineer of the Xi'an Aircraft Manufacturing Company, was illegally arrested by the police of Hu County, Xi'an City on September 1, 2002. Five days later he was beaten to death. During the same time period his wife, Mrs. Ma Jie, was tortured by police, who hung her off the floor and brutally beat her. She was forcefully brainwashed, illegally detained to a forced labor camp, and officially confined to house detention. In March 2004, Ma Jie was illegally arrested by officers of the 610 Office, and sentenced to a two-year term at the Xi'an Female Forced Labor Camp, where she remains to this day.

Mr. Wang Weizhen refused to give up the practice of Falun Dafa. As a result, he had no choice but to become homeless and destitute in order to escape persecution. In May 2002 he was living in the Residential Area of the Latex Plant in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. On September 1, 2002 he was illegally arrested with his wife and sent to the Hu County Police Station by Liu Zhijin, Head of the 610 Office at Hu County, along with six local police officers. According to an insider, Wang Weizhen and Ma Jie were detained separately in adjacent rooms at the Hu County Police Station, where Wang was brutally beaten, cruelly tortured and interrogated. Afterwards, he was apparently sent to either a rest home in Yuxia Town or the Lajiatan Detention Center in Hu County. On September 6, 2002, he was tortured to death. He was 57 years old.

Mr. Wang was beaten to death by police officers led by Liu Zhijin, and then his body was thrown from a tall building. Several Falun Gong practitioners witnessed the event, and shouted loudly, "Look! The police are killing people!" In order to deceive the public, the officers lied, claiming that Mr. Wang committed suicide by jumping from the building. At the same time, they transferred the remaining Falun Gong practitioners they were unlawfully detaining to other places.

During the same time period, two policemen tortured Mr. Wang's wife, Ma Jie, by hanging her off the floor by her handcuffed wrists every day. They beat her until she lost consciousness, and then threw her to the floor and roughly roused her. It was more than twenty days after Mr. Wang was persecuted to death before the police informed Ma Jie about his demise, and then they forcefully cremated Mr. Wang's body. Ma Jie suffered tremendous physical and mental torture. She was later illegally detained for a six-month term at the Hu County Police Station, and forced to attend brainwashing classes in the Railway Sanatorium of Chang'an County and the Lianhu Detention Center of Xi'an City. Later, she was illegally sentenced to a two-year term at a forced labor camp by the Labor Camp Committee of Xi'an City, and was officially confined to house detention.

In March 2004, when Ma Jie was clarifying the truth to people about the persecution that her family had suffered, she was reported to authorities, and illegally arrested by Liu Zhiyong, the Head of the 610 Office, and Gao Jun. Not long after she was unlawfully sentenced to a two-year term of imprisonment at the Xi'an Female Forced Labor Camp, where she is presently being held.

Ma Jie's Brother's Family Also Suffer Persecution

The brother of Ma Jie, Ma Minghai, and his family members all practice Falun Dafa, and they've been persecuted many times. Ma Minghai and his wife were repeatedly and illegally detained in a forced labor camp. Their six children and Ma's mother, who is more than seventy years old, were all left at home. They had to pay the children's tuitions on loans and financial aid from their friends. The elderly mother collects odds and ends from the refuse heap to sell, and the family must struggle to survive.

Mr. Ma Minghai peacefully appealed for Falun Dafa in Beijing in 1999. As a result, he was illegally sentenced to a three-year term of imprisonment at a forced labor camp. Since he refused to cooperate with the authorities, his term of imprisonment was extended for another six months. He suffered inhumane torture at the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp, and he was detained alone in a confined compartment for one year and four months, where he was not allowed to see sunlight or his family. He went on a hunger strike for one month to protest the persecution. The police let prisoners tie his hands and legs to the bed for eleven days. He was force-fed, developed dropsy and was unable to walk.

Mr. Ma Minghai was persecuted and tortured for three and half years, after his term in the forced labor camp expired, he was returned to the local 610 Office, who kept him under surveillance. In this way he was denied his basic human rights. In January 2004, when Ma Minghai and his wife Chen Chun'e were at home, more than ten policemen from the Qindu District Police Station in Xianyang City broke into their house. The doors were locked, so several policemen used iron bars to pry open and break the security door, then they smashed a cabinet and a chest and ransacked the house. They couldn't find anything, but still dragged Ma Minghai to the police wagon by force, without even letting him put on his shoes.

There were several bystanders in the area, and one of them was very angry upon seeing the barbaric behavior of the police, saying, "What crime did he commit? Why do you cuff him to the tree without letting him put his shoes on?" Because of what he said, police took both the man and Mr. Ma away. Ma Minghai was illegally sentenced to one and half year's imprisonment in Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp of Shaanxi Province for the second time, where he remains to this day.

Mrs. Chen Chun'e, Mr. Ma Minghai's wife, peacefully appealed for Falun Gong in Beijing in 1999, and she was illegally sentenced to two years' imprisonment in a forced labor camp. She was cruelly subjected to the torture method "Standing like Terracotta Warriors" (half squatting) at the Xi'an Female Labor Camp until she could no longer stand or squat. She was forced to write the so-called "Three Letters" ("Letter of Regret," "Letter of Guarantee," and "Letter of Intent"). Less than two months after she was released from the forced labor camp, she was again illegally sentenced to another year's imprisonment, and she was again sent to the Xi'an Female Labor Camp. Less than three months after her second labor camp term expired, she was again sentenced to two years imprisonment, and she is still held at the forced labor camp.