(Clearwisdom.net) I often feel that fellow practitioners in Taiwan lack independence and self-determination in doing truth-clarifying work. Usually they wait for the group contact to assign work or they rush to do the same thing all together.

In fact, as long as we are Master's disciples, I believe Dafa will bestow us with at least one special skill to do truth clarification work. With our improvement through cultivation, we will become more and more rational in handling things, we will become clearer and clearer in thinking, and our abilities to save sentient beings will become more and more powerful.

If every Dafa disciple can make good use of his own skill in truth clarification, all disciples together will form one strong, whole body. It is like a big factory, every part of which needs people doing different jobs before the final product comes out perfectly. Most sentient beings in Mainland China are deeply poisoned. It is hard to break through their mental blocks at once just through one way of clarifying the truth to them. Perhaps he has already received phone calls from practitioners outside China. Perhaps he has received truth-clarification VCD's or flyers in his mailbox. Perhaps he has talked with some overseas practitioners on the Internet. He may eventually meet a local practitioner who will tell him the facts face to face before his heart is fully opened, and this result comes from the efforts of every practitioner who has contributed during the whole process.

If every practitioner can discover his skill in truth clarification and develop his independence and make his own decisions, interference and problems caused by relying on other practitioners could be reduced, the separation among practitioners could be broken through and the power of the whole body could be fully displayed.