(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Sanquan, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiong County, Hebei Province, went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on September 22, 2004. On the same night, the county police detained him, and then tortured him for three days. Meanwhile, the police searched his home.

Later the police began subjecting him to a torture instrument called "star over sky," which is a helmet-shaped instrument with nails inside. The abusers put it on Mr. Zhang's head, and he lost consciousness. When he awoke the next day, his head was covered with blood and had many holes caused by the nails. Later, the wounds festered and ulcerated.

On September 25, he was transferred to the county detention center, where he suffered the second torture about ten days later. Under instructions from Deputy Chief Cui Qihua, policemen Su Shiliang and Peng Hongwei tortured him using the tiger bench torture. He was chained to an iron chair for three days and nights until he fainted. The torture caused him to suffer from high blood pressure and have a heart attack. With extreme pain in his legs, he could hardly walk. One month later, he was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Mr. Zhang has since been jailed in Baoding Forced Labor Camp.

In the forced labor camp, his health condition went from bad to worse. Recently he couldn't eat anything. Because he was so weak, his family members went to the camp to ask for his medical parole, which the camp authorities refused to grant. The camp claimed that the family had to ask the county government for his release.

Persecutors list:

Cui Qihua, Deputy Chief of the County Police Department, 86-13803281713 (Cell), 86-312-5865553 (Home)
Li Chengqun, County CCP Vice Secretary of Political and Legal Committee, Director of 610 Office, 86-13831213588 (Cell), 86-312-5825610 (Home)
Peng Hongwei, Political Instructor of the Political Security Section of the County Police Department, 86-312-5811713 (Home)
Baoding Force Labor Camp, 86-312-2137590
Yu Yanping, Camp Director, 86-312-2191001 (Office), 86-312-2127180 (Office), 86-312-3051998 (Home), 86-13903225015 (Cell)
Zhang Fujun, Political Commissar, 86-312-2191002 (Office), 86-312-2139699 (Home), 86-13903369665 (Cell)
Guo Mingli, Secretary of the CCP Camp Discipline Committee 86-312-2191006 (Office), 86-312-2129080 (Home), 86-13703288331 (Cell)