I went to a friend's wedding ceremony. At the banquet, I had a dialog with someone who was my colleague several years ago.

"Are you still practicing?"

"I am," I nodded.

He raised his thumb, "I have received a lot of emails from your fellow practitioners."

"Have you received the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?"

"I've got it several times."

"What do you think about it? It's time to quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers!"

"I quit a long while back. Did that TV station get established?"

"You're talking about the New Tang Dynasty Television? It has aired for nearly two years. But recently a French satellite company, under pressure from the Chinese consulate, has been thinking about terminating the contract unilaterally. Reception in Asia could be a problem."

"What a shame! I can't visit websites even with Freegate software, which has been classified as a virus by anti-virus software. All that the authorities are interested in is blocking information. What I have is a Freegate version 5.0."

"I have the latest version 5.4 of Freegate, which can't be blocked. Would you like to have one?"

"Great! Of course I'd like to have one!"

So I gave him a set of prepackaged materials and the software. Some of the guests were curious, and he helped me to explain the situation to them. As a result, I was able to give them the software and the truth clarifying materials.

This experience has encouraged me greatly. This former colleague of mine was not as anxious when I tried to clarify the truth to him a few years back. I am glad to see he has changed. I hereby thank overseas practitioners for your perseverance and hard work!

May 19, 2005