(Clearwisdom.net) On March 21, 2005, the Ninth Ward of the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison organized the inmates to use the toilets in groups. On the way back to the cells, the first group, which was made up of six Falun Dafa practitioners, was made to go first. Prison guards gathered these six practitioners in the hallway, played loud music in the background, then let loose several prisoners, who suddenly dragged out these six practitioners. The first one dragged out was Ms. Nie Xumei. She was so severely beaten that her face was swollen, and a vein on her arm was also swollen and bruised. When one practitioner went up to ask what was happening, she was quickly dragged away by prisoners Zhao Xueling (a heavyweight female enforcer in the prison), Bai Lijun, and Nie Qing. One prisoner threw a 51 year old practitioner to the ground, dragged her to the office by her hair, kicked and beat her, stomped on her belly, and then attempted to draw blood from her arms and legs. This lady had high blood pressure. They tried eight times but could not get any blood from her veins and in the end gave up.

When the office door was opened, these female inmates shouted, "Let's not beat anyone!" to cover up their crimes, since they had just finished brutally beating this older lady. Prison guards assigned five prisoners to control each practitioner. As a result of the violent beatings and assaults, practitioners Ms. Wang Jinfan, Ms. Wang Yuzhuo, Ms. Zhang Baoying, and Ms. Deng Jianmei could not walk after their blood was drawn. Practitioner Ms. Fu Lihua has been missing since this incident. She was taken away under the pretense of receiving medical care.