Since the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, some fellow practitioners feel that they should fight against the evil party that has persecuted them. Others might even, deep down in their hearts, think that we are using the form of cultivation to participate in politics. These hidden attachments and negative thoughts cannot be allowed to stay, as they are a major hindrance to one's improvement in cultivation, and will set up a major obstacle for one's cultivation path in the future

No matter how much knowledge, experience, rational thinking or enlightenment through cultivation we have achieved or obtained, we cannot completely understand what is going on in the heavens. We cannot possibly understand all the complicated interrelated concerns that gods have to take into account when they undertake tasks in the heavens, because even the wisdom of a cultivator is limited, and the things that a cultivator sees or experiences are all incomplete manifestations at different levels.

As a Dafa disciple, we must strongly believe in Master and Fa-rectification. If we can do this, I believe that this is a simple but firm righteous thought and our hearts will be steadfast. Nevertheless, righteous faith is founded upon understandings of the Fa, a steady heart, giving up one's attachments, and improving one's xinxing -- these are all interrelated. Here, I would suggest that fellow practitioners sit down peacefully and read Master's "Cautionary Advice", "A Dialogue with Time", and "Digging out the Roots".

In the Fa-rectification environment that Dafa disciples cultivate in, many things are easier to understand from the perspective of rectifying the universe and saving sentient beings. In the Fa-rectification, the true law of the universe will definitely impact those who hinder and undermine the Fa. In reality, they either do not believe in or they oppose the universe's savior's best method of saving the universe. Such an attitude opposes and undermines the Fa-rectification process.

Nevertheless, Master's Fa-rectification will definitely succeed. With the advent of the Fa-rectification, there comes a time when the old forces and the evil party who still do not heed advice must be stopped. Right now, all the gods are destroying the evil party, and the manifestation of the Fa-rectification will bring about such changes in the world today. It is definitely not any form of politics that has brought this about.

The process of eliminating the evil party would naturally affect members of the party. From the perspective of saving sentient beings, they have to be given a chance to choose their own fate, and to save themselves from the evil party. In order to do this, we have to help them understand the basic nature of the party, its doings, and its impending doom. That is the reason why we have the Nine Commentaries and the means by which to publicly withdraw from the party have been established.

In our distribution of the Nine Commentaries, we are not participating in politics in the name of cultivation. We are eliminating the evil from the world, and saving sentient beings - this is our responsibility. If we can understand the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings righteously, we will be able to clarify the truth even better.

June 1, 2005