Story 1

My son is in first grade. Recently, the school started organizing first grade students to learn how to sing school songs, including Young Pioneers (1) songs. I told my son that whenever he runs into situations like this in school, he must send forth righteous thoughts.

When he came home from school today, my son told me that the teacher had brought in some cassette tapes with the school songs and Young Pioneers songs and asked the students to sing along. My son then sat in his seat sending forth righteous thoughts. As a result, the tape player started playing and then stopped, and the sound was choppy and unclear. The teacher tried unsuccessfully to fix the problem. She said that maybe this tape player might be broken, so she went to borrow one from another class. My son continued to send forth righteous thoughts, and it turned out that the second player had the same behavior, with the sound being choppy and unclear. The teacher then said that it might be the tape that was broken, so she went out to find another tape, but the result was again the same.

The teacher spent a lot of time but couldn't fix the player or the tape. The students just sat there chatting with each other. In the end, the teacher had no choice but to forgo the activity.

Story 2

Evil persons in one city held an "anti-cult cartoon exhibition" for school students, to poison the young boys and girls with lies about Falun Gong. On their own initiative, many practitioners in this city silently sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil. Not even two days later, the ill-conceived activity came to a hasty end.

Story 3

Stainless steel signboards paying tribute to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were prominently displayed inside a company training center in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. Every week I went there to take my son to remedial classes. I always arrived and left in a hurry, so I never really paid attention to the signs. Recently, however, I saw passers-by stopping to look at them. I recognized that these signs constituted a danger to everyone there and that they should be eliminated. Therefore, whenever I dropped off and picked up my son, I always concentrated my mind and sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil factors that were supporting them and the evil CCP's elements. After only three or four times, these evil propaganda signs were taken away.


(1) Young Pioneers -- A youth organization of the Chinese Communist Party