(Clearwisdom.net) Research projects by Yale University and the University of California followed 7,000 citizens in Alameda County, California. Another research project by the University of Michigan Investigation and Research Center tracked over 2,700 people for 14 years. They came to the same conclusions, that a person's longevity is greatly affected by his or her morality.

Researchers studying the relationship between mortality rate and a person's relationship with society have found that a person who is optimistic and helpful to others, and lives in harmony with others, can expect a much longer life span. The studies showed that this is especially true among males. On the other hand, the mortality rate for people who harbor ill intentions toward others, harm others for their own benefit, or who are hard to get along with, is 1.5 to 2 timers higher than normal. Researchers concluded that the phenomenon applies across different races, various income levels, an assortment of physical training levels, and diverse lifestyles.

In as early as 1958, Dr. Williams, the renowned American cardiovascular disease specialist, had followed 500 medical school students for 25 years. He found that the mortality rate for those who were hostile was 96%, and that they contracted heart disease at a rate five times higher than the rest.

Mr. Martins, the Brazilian medical scientist, investigated 583 corrupt officials who accepted bribes, committed embezzlement and exploited official power for personal gain. After 10 years of study and investigation, he found that 60% of the corrupt officials were either seriously ill or dead.

Modern medical research indicates that a kind, friendly and pleasant manner, coupled with high ideology promotes normal development of a human's cerebrum, central nervous system and endocrine system. It also helps in the orderly regulation of the internal biological clock and in stabilizing the microbiological environment in the body.

It appears that paying attention to morality and cultivation is not only a fundamental principal for humankind, it is also an important basis for achieving good health.