(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner went to a tailor shop to have a pair of pants altered, and the owner happened to be playing some videos with lectures carrying bad messages. She was immediately alarmed by it. Thinking to herself that she should not let it get into her head, she immediately sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. To her surprise, the alteration job that supposedly should have taken a few minutes to complete wasn't finished after half an hour due to repeated mistakes. The practitioner was irritated by this and developed a headache. She thought that she had been interfered with. After returning home, her headache persisted.

Actually, Falun Dafa practitioners all send forth righteous thoughts, yet they don't necessarily have the same starting point. Some eliminate the evil in their own dimensional fields so as not to let the evil act out rampantly. Some eliminate the evil in wicked places so that it will not be able to persecute fellow practitioners. Some eliminate the evil on the road so that truth-clarification materials can be distributed smoothly. There are others who eliminate the evil surrounding them so that they themselves will not be persecuted.

I shared experiences with the practitioner who had the headache, thinking that her standpoint had always been focused on "protecting herself." I believed that she considered protecting herself a top priority. Nevertheless, what a Dafa practitioner should do is to bring such a benevolent field of righteous thoughts with her wherever she goes, such that the evil will be chilled to the bone and flee upon coming in contact with her. How could it be that she was so scared by the evil that she got a headache? As the grand current of the Fa-rectification approaches, the evil already has no place to hide. It is possible that they are hiding out in the homes of those people who made offerings to or believed in them, or are simply hiding out in these people's bodies. Thus, when one runs into the evil, the first thing that crosses one's mind should be, "it's time to eliminate the evil, considering the fact that I'm usually not be able find you on a day-to-day basis." And then send strong righteous thoughts and start to eliminate the evil.

After exchanging our experiences, the practitioner immediately came to a clear understanding and her headache stopped. She also continued to dig deeper. She discovered some hidden attachments and fears, which she clearly recognized and then eliminated.