Patient Recovers Miraculously from Fatal Diseases

( I once lived with a variety of incurable diseases. But after I began practicing Falun Gong several months ago, all my health problems were cured.

I am a retired worker from a university in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. In autumn 2003, during the university health check up, I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. I was not too concerned initially, until I came down with a continuous fever in June 2004. I was sent to the hospital for a checkup, and the problem was found to be a combined breakout of my diabetes, pleuritis, and a buildup of fluids within my chest cavity. In the five and a half months that followed, I was sent to the hospital four times, and more than 1.8 liters of fluid was extracted from my chest cavity. During this time my health deteriorated even further and I developed meningitis, infarction, and cerebral atrophy. I had to undergo a lumbar puncture and examination of cerebrospinal fluid every seven to fourteen days. Moreover, small diseases like flu never left me. The doctor told me that I would have to take medicine with every single meal, every single day, in order to prevent an outbreak of my diseases. Nevertheless, even though I followed the doctor's instructions, my diseases recurred. I was sent to the hospital again on November 4, 2004. This time, the doctor increased the drug dosage, and all of the so-called primary and secondary drugs were used. However, due to the large drug dosage, I developed drug poisoning and lost my appetite for food. I vomited even when I ate plain rice and drank plain water. The doctor said that there was no choice, that it was simply the reactions from the drugs, and that I should just keep taking the large drug doses. My body was totally devastated, and I couldn't sit or stand. I had to lie on the bed every day - my entire life was ruined.

At this time, my wife told me that Master Li Hongzhi could save me. She had already been practicing Falun Dafa for 8 years, and had never taken a single pill or drug. I knew this clearly. In the past, when she tried to persuade me to practice Falun Gong, I was reluctant to try, out of laziness and fear of hardship. However, under the dire circumstances that I faced at the time, I decided to start cultivating with Master. On November 22, 2004, I was discharged from the hospital and my fever was gone by the time I reached home. The next day, I felt like someone poured a bucket of warm water on me from the top of my head, filling my body for about an hour. I believe it was Master performing anointment for me!

I received a lot of care and concern from fellow practitioners in the karma-reducing process that followed. As such, no matter the outside influences, I have been able to strongly believe in Master and Dafa. Five months after being discharged from the hospital, I can eat well and sleep well, and I have a very healthy-looking glow. My body weight increased by twenty pounds, and my life returned back to normal. I haven't had to concern myself again with restricting the content of my food intake, such as fruits or porridge, due to my diabetes problem - I can eat anything I want. Besides learning the Fa, practicing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts every day, I also take a walk in the neighborhood park each day.

My former colleagues have visited me and exclaimed that if they had not seen it themselves, they would never have believed it! A person like me with so many fatal diseases being able to live without a single drug or pill is simply incredible! Some remarked that, "I really admire your Master now! It is no wonder so many people practice Falun Gong, even with the persecution. Your Master is truly incredible!"

My friends and relatives who were previously poisoned with lies have all turned for the better. They can accept it much more easily now when I clarify the truth to them.

Only Falun Gong Can Allow Anyone to Live Without Illness

By a practitioner from Shandong, China


One of the phrases that I tell others very often is that the only thing that can help anyone live without disease is Falun Gong. A true cultivator won't have disease or illness.

Before cultivation, my health was very poor. I had chronic stomatitis, gastro-intestinal disease, cholangitis, low blood pressure, insomnia, and serious headaches. I had fainted at my workplace several times. In addition, I had intermittent outbreaks of heart disease, and chronic low fever for which the exact cause was unknown. My hip and legs ached constantly, and even in the dog days of summer I had to wear pants, and could not tolerate the wind. As someone who is 1.65 meters (5 ft. 5 in.) tall but weighs only 90 pounds, my family members had to take care of me all the time.

In July 1995, I was very fortunate to learn Falun Dafa. I previously never sweat, even during the hottest days of summer, but when I was taught the first exercise, I was dripping with sweat before even finishing it. I felt very comfortable. After dinner, I went to the practice site again and completed an hour of standing meditation exercises. Instead of being tired and weary I was energetic, and my appetite increased. My sleep improved and I felt very light. Within a week my body weight increased by three pounds. At that time I thought, I have finally found a great health improvement exercise.

While practicing the exercises and studying the Fa, with the help of fellow practitioners, I understood that the fundamental reason behind diseases is the massive amounts of karma built up lifetime after lifetime. Master tells us:

"Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master."

"When you feel worse, it means that, 'when something reaches the extreme it reverses,' and your whole body will be purified. It has to be completely purified. The root of your health problem has been plucked out now, and only that little bit of black qi is left, coming out on its own, so that you have a little hardship and go through some difficulty. If you didn't bear anything it really wouldn't work."

"So if you truly practice Falun Dafa, you will, starting today, have reactions when you truly set your attachments aside" (Zhuan Falun)

Every now and then when my body feels uncomfortable, I tell myself, "You are already a cultivator, and your body's discomforts are all tribulations that you have to conquer." Master is very concerned for me and has suffered a lot for me already. I cannot add any more trouble for Master. I have to let the world know that Falun Gong is good, and Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa. Since cultivating in Falun Dafa, I have not developed any diseases, and I am truly able to experience the feeling of living without illness.

Due to my belief in Master and Dafa, although I have elders and children to look after, I have always fulfilled my duties to them. Seeing me age healthily, my elders always tell me that having a healthy body when you are old is a true blessing.