(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xiao Guifang, a retired worker from Sichuan Panzhihua Steel Corporation, was arrested and persecuted for distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. She suffered brutal physical and spiritual persecution at the hands of officers from the Dadukou Police Station, the Public Security Team of the East Division Police Office, and the Panzhihua Steel Corporation 610 Office. She suffered and untimely death as a result of persecution on May 11, 2005.

Practitioner Ms. Xiao Guifang was 55 years old and lived in Apt. 83, Building 49, in Nanshan, Panzhihua City. Around noon on April 26, 2005, she was distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at the Dadukou Manager's Building in Panzhihua City with fellow practitioner Ms. He Fengming, who also lived in Nanshan. They were trying to explain the facts of the persecution to the people who had been deceived and harmed by lies. As they were distributing copies of the Nine Commentaries, the wife of retired Manager Xue Shicheng saw them and immediately summoned security personnel. Two officers responded, apprehended Ms. Xiao and Ms. He, and took them to the security room of the Manager's Building. The manager's wife told the security officers to call the Dadukou Police Station. Three police officers responded and took Ms. Xiao and Ms. He to the Dadukou Police Station.

At the Dadukou Police Station, Ms. Xiao Guifang and Ms. He Fengming refused to cooperate with the authorities. When they refused to submit to wearing handcuffs, the officers used force to handcuff them. At 6 p.m., the practitioners firmly refused to pose for mug shots, so the police officers again used force to make them obey, this time by grabbing them by the hair and slamming their heads into the wall. To resist the persecution, 60-year-old Ms. He refused to eat her dinner. A police officer fiercely told her that if she didn't eat, they wouldn't feed her for a week.

Practitioner Ms. He refused to acknowledge the persecution and steadfastly resisted her tormentors. With righteous thoughts, she walked out of the police station around 8:30 p.m. She is currently homeless and impoverished.

At 11 p.m. on April 26, 2005, six police officers from the Public Security Team of the East Division Police Office and the Panzhihua Steel Corporation 610 Office, including Zhu Zhangang, Wang Yong, Wang Youmei, and Wang Zhidan, arrived at Ms. Xiao's residence and ransacked her home. Two policewomen, one of whom was Wang Youmei, guarded Ms. Xiao. Having no way to stop the criminal acts of the police officers and to protect her rights, Ms. Xiao brought out a bottle of toilet cleaner and told the police, "You evil police, get out of my house! If you don't get out, I'll drink this poison!" [Note: There's no doubt that the persecution is evil and should be exposed and stopped, but the words and actions of Ms. Xiao Guifang weren't consistent with the requirements for Dafa practitioners. Falun Dafa teaches that to take anyone's life, including one's own, is wrong.] Police officer Zhu Zhangang said, "Drinking poison has nothing to do with us." Ms. Xiao Guifang could no longer bear the police harassment. Taking the toilet cleaner with her, she went to the bathroom, locked the door behind her, and drank the whole bottle of toilet cleaner.

With money from her friends and relatives, Ms. Xiao Guifang was bailed out on April 28. As a result of the brutal physical and emotional persecution suffered at the hands of officers from the Dadukou Police Station, the Public Security Team of the East Division Police Office and the Panzhihua Steel Cooperation 610 Office, she died in the hospital on May 11, 2005.

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