(Clearwisdom.net) Below are highlights of scenes that I saw during my cultivation practice.

I saw myself walking on a straight and narrow path. The path was mountainous and sandwiched between cliffs rising thousands of meters above sea level. On both sides of the road, demons were everywhere. They looked very threatening. In reality they were very weak. They easily collapsed and fell into the valley below under the gentle stroke of my hand.

In this respect, I have seen fellow practitioners sharing similar understandings and experiences on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, in describing scenes witnessed in other dimensions. The scenes were similar to mine. Dafa disciples were walking on a very narrow path, the path both precarious and mountainous, with Master leading the way. Trailing behind were demons and evil spirits. The demons continuously dragged and pushed those that were lagging behind because of fear and other various human attachments, causing them to fall perilously from the rocky cliffs beside the path.

Once, I saw my work colleagues in hell. However, after I clarified the truth to them, I discovered they were all sentient beings living in my paradise. Those that I clarified the truth to were extremely good to me. For those who I have not yet had the opportunity to speak to, their attitude reflected hatred, scorn and contempt. For this reason, I really think we should earnestly clarify the truth to those around us.

One time, I was at the library reading a book. A young lady was sitting at the opposite end of the table. I saw her other self, the side that understood the truth, kneeling in front of me, begging me to tell her the real truth. So I gave her the truth-clarification materials that I had brought along with me. She was so eager to learn the truth that no sooner had I handed her the material, then she immediately started to read it like a hungry and thirsty person looking for food and water. This incident took place two years ago. I still remember it vividly.

Another time, I did not manage my time well. I spent the entire evening online playing around on my computer. I saw the sentient beings in my paradise crying. I realized that the burden of my responsibility was to rescue them, not to play around. So immediately, I started to study the Fa. Later, I saw an article on the Minghui website about a ten-year-old practitioner sharing a similar story. He was always playful. When he couldn't continue the wheel embracing exercise posture above the head, he leisurely switched to the next wheel embracing posture by the side of the head. The results were that all the sentient beings in his paradise were crying and sad. They were begging him, "Our Lord, could you please try to persist a little bit longer!" After he completed the full exercise practice, all the sentient beings in his paradise were saved. The sentient beings celebrated the occasion by offering garlands and flowers to him. From this example, I think we really need to be serious and clearheaded in our cultivation amidst this Fa-rectification period. Get rid of any omissions in our practice and cultivation, for the sake of the sentient beings around us, sentient beings waiting for us to rescue them!

I also saw my own paradise, although it was just a glimpse. Later, I met with a lot of interference because of omission in my cultivation. I started to get rid of them on the spot, bit by bit. Later on, I saw that what I did was patching my own paradise, repairing and replenishing it constantly, making it more and more perfect.

I would also like to write about my personal understanding. At times, when we perform our everyday chores without proper planning, direction and responsibility, it's as if we do not want to follow any cue or direction. During these times, Master would whisper these words into my ear: "In the future, you will be responsible for managing everything in your paradise; how could you manage everything in your future world with this deficient and complacent attitude in your heart?" Our current cultivation environment is actually forging us, to build a solid foundation for the management of our future kingdoms and paradises. We must cultivate ourselves diligently to fix our shortcomings. Whatever uncertainty might take place in the future, only then will we be able to patch it up, just like we overcome our shortcomings and deficiencies to harmonize everything of ours now. So we must treat everything seriously. Whenever we discover any deficiency and shortcomings, we must face and rectify them.

Once, I also saw myself walking in thorny, unfamiliar terrain. I managed to clear and open up a road amidst all this hardship. This makes me remember what I learned from Dafa: that the path that Dafa disciples walk has no prior reference, and we all need to walk our own path.

Because of my current level in cultivation and limited understanding, please kindly point out any deficiencies, errors or omissions.