(Clearwisdom.net) As Mom was reading the Fa to me on a Sunday morning while sitting on the sofa, she suddenly fell asleep. I told her it was the evil trying to create interference. However, she replied, "I can't, I'm really tired." And she fell asleep again after that. I sat beside Mom sending forth righteous thoughts, and I noticed a demon with white tattered clothes and long, white hair emitting white-colored smoke towards her. As soon as it saw me it turned and tried to escape, I eventually eliminated it. At this time Mom suddenly opened her eyes wide and sat up. She said she knew it was demonic interference, but she couldn't resist it.

Now, when I send righteous thoughts, I usually see evil red dragons. Some are thin; others have large stomachs. Some had as many as seven heads. The thinner dragons have very sharp claws that sometimes become pythons. The dragons with large stomachs can release smaller evil dragons from themselves. I once saw an evil dragon on top of many corpses. As soon as it exerted pressure with its claws, the blood from the corpses would rise into the air and form into the symbols of the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party). There was also a black substance hovering in the air, on it said "CCP culture." There were also bloody flags, the evil party symbols and the red scarf of the Young Pioneers; all of which I eliminated. It was relatively difficult to eliminate the red scarf, possibly because the children are deeply poisoned by the evil CCP.

Once I saw a few studded daggers with the words "Communist Manifesto," "Marxism," "Mao Zedong Thought," and "Deng Xiaoping Theory" flying through the air. I sent my gong to destroy them and saw a few copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party forming together into a sword and cutting those things to pieces.

There was another instance when I was sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in Beijing. I saw that Tiananmen Square was an abyss of graves. As I eliminated some of demon Mao's miscellaneous things, ghosts sprang from Mao's corpse and headed for the museum next to the square. I eliminated all of them. I also destroyed many evil dragons and other demonic creatures hiding behind the picture of Mao at Tiananmen Square. I saw that the demons were meeting in the People's Congress Hall, many evil dragons were there on the floor and even on the stone pillars; while a skull presided over the national emblem. I eliminated all of them. The demons Marx, Lenin, Mao and Deng sprang out from the bloody flags to poison the world's people, and I eliminated them too. Now, the red-colored evil dragons are weaker and easier to eliminate. When the persecution of Dafa had just begun, some demons sat in black lotuses and could not be eliminated unless I asked Master to strengthen my power. Now these things no longer happen.

Because I am attending school, time is a pressing issue. Therefore, I often send righteous thoughts but I do not practice the exercises much. During the May 1st Holiday (China's Labor Day), as Mom and I were practicing the exercises, I saw a large-bellied dragon fire bullets at me. I eliminated him. At this time there was a Bull who said to me in an evil tone, "You dare to practice? I will kill you!" As soon as he got near enough he was destroyed by the energy I emitted. There was also a skull emitting red light that I eliminated as well. Slowly I calmed down and got into tranquility, and I saw that many beautiful flowers were blossoming on the walls, floors, and tape recorders of my home. I also saw Master sitting in the lotus position and smiling at me. I saw a band of fairies playing Dafa exercise music. As I was practicing the fourth exercise, I saw that below my feet was an abyss of darkness. When my hands were moving down along my body as one does in the fourth exercise, the place suddenly had blue skies, green mountains, and budding peach trees. As I practiced the second exercise I could no longer hold one of the positions and switched to the next one. At this time I saw a group of warriors clad in armor kneeling in front of me. They said "Master, please endure a little longer!" I returned to my former position and they disappeared. I saw the sentient beings of my world throwing down flowers for me. A large handsome bird flew down to me and draped a chain of flowers around my neck. When I overlapped my hands in front of the lower abdomen at the finish of the exercises, the sentient beings cried, "We're saved! We're saved!" When I practiced the exercises the next day they gave me fruits and even more flowers. My neck could no longer hold any more flower necklaces. They all wanted to be the first to sit on the ground and discuss with one another as they watched me practicing the exercises.

Only after mom read Master's lecture, "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," did I realize that I had such an enormous responsibility! I'm ten and a half years old, and have been practicing for seven years now. However, I don't spend a lot of time on the exercises. When mom does her exercises in the morning I'm usually still in bed. When she called me to come join her, I would often pretend to be asleep. However, if I make good use of my time, I can finish the 5 sets of exercises every two days. This isn't a very big commitment, and there's no reason I can't do that. If I continue to avoid the exercises, I will delay very important things; the sentient beings in my heavenly paradise are already panicked. I must diligently do the exercises as well now.

Everything I saw has greatly affected mom as well. In the past period of time she had not practiced the exercises with the vigor she did before the persecution; she practiced the exercises only once every few days. Some practitioners seem to think that practicing the exercises is not among the three things Master told us to do, so they relax their responsibilities when it comes to practicing the exercises. However, practicing the exercises is also a crucial part of cultivation.

I will strive to be even more diligent in the future. I will not let Master down or disappoint the sentient beings of my paradise!

When mom was writing my experiences into an article, she suddenly felt major pain in her abdomen. I sent righteous thoughts and saw that several red and black evil dragons were attacking her. I eliminated them. Master's Falun emitted golden light toward mom's abdomen, and she was able to start typing again. I realized that the evil is very afraid of these things being exposed to everyone.

May 22, 2005