The album cover

( Touched by the beauty of Falun Gong and the injustice of the persecution against the practice in China, Dutch musician Ton op 't Hof and a few other leading Dutch musicians composed several songs and compiled them into an album called 'Music Inspired by Falun Gong'. From the titles of the songs, it's obvious that the inspiration came from both the mystical aspects of oriental spiritual practices, which are so very present in Falun Gong, as well as the perseverance of Falun Gong practitioners that manifest in their efforts to stop the persecution they are suffering in China.

An excerpt from the introduction of the album:

"What makes Falun Gong extraordinary is that for some obscure reason the Chinese Government sees it as a major threat! In the last few years, since Falun Gong re-emerged in China in the early 90's the government there has done everything to suppress the growth of this practise, having exponents beaten, thrown in prison and and in extreme cases executed. Despite this there are now estimated to be at least 70 million devotees within the Chinese Republic.

Since the purpose of Falun Gong is purely to attain a level of spiritual well being coupled with a healthy body through exercise and meditation with no political or commercial aims (check their web-sites) it makes you wonder what the politicians are so frightened of! Perhaps a healthy mind encourages freedom of thought. Now that could be frightening for a totalitarian regime!"

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