(Clearwisdom.net) The Fa-rectification is essential to all beings in the entire universe. In the human world, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the wave of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are the manifestation of the current cosmic climate of the Fa-rectification. They are therefore matters of prime importance that bear on the future of human beings in the world. Unfortunately, the Western media have been silent on the issue for a long period of time.

All beings in the world came for the Fa. The Western media are supposed to play the role of providing Western people with the opportunities to position themselves at this historical moment. At the same time, if they chose to play a positive role in this area, it would also ensure their own wonderful future. Unfortunately, the media have chosen to be silent at such a historic moment. That is equivalent to committing crimes and losing their bright future.

At present, the Chinese Communist Party is extremely fearful. It has not dared to directly respond to the Nine Commentaries and the wave of resignations from the Party. It fears that making any noise would prove to the entire world, indirectly, the power of the Nine Commentaries and the attendant resignations. Therefore, it keeps holding back all along, but secretly uses all its strength to prohibit the Nine Commentaries and news on the withdrawals from spreading. On the surface, there are various reasons why the Western mainstream media keeps silent on this issue. For instance, they worry about their own interests and they are also concerned about the credibility of the Nine Commentaries and the momentum of the withdrawal.

Nonetheless, some major Western media have begun breaking the silence to report on the issue. Based on these reports, we can also get some idea about how the Western mainstream media operate. These areas also need our attention.

The Western mainstream media's reports on events in China normally come from first-hand material obtained in China. They believe the actual occurrences that take place in China, because any false reports would damage their reputation. For instance, on May 25, Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported on several public statements of resignation from the CCP that appeared on the streets of Harbin, a city in Northeastern China. This is another international radio station that has numerous listeners in Mainland China, in addition to Voice of America and Radio Free China.

Statement of withdrawal from the CCP posted at the main entrance of the No. 65117 Army's residential compound

A one-meter-long and 0.7-meter-wide solemn statement of resignation from the CCP posted on a newspaper cabinet

People who do morning exercises reading resignation statements in front of the Jiangcheng Daily newsstand

A large statement of resignation from the CCP appeared in Jilin City and attracted people's attention

The report stated that many photos published by the Epoch Times showed that these statements were posted on utility poles, in telephone booths or on walls in parks and other public places. The report pointed out that according to the Epoch Times website, currently there are more than one million people who have published their statements of resignation from the CCP through their website. At the same time, the Chinese communist authorities have launched a movement to maintain their "advancement." The report also said that the Epoch Times website is blocked by the CCP because of its close relationship with Falun Gong.

From this, one can see that photos showing large quantities of statements of resignation from the CCP, posted in public places (namely the actual evidence of withdrawals coming out of Mainland China), can help eliminate the Western media's doubts. These images touch the hearts of the world's people and allow them to see the facts.

If more of these kinds of photos, reflecting the vast momentum of resignations from the CCP in China and the great impact brought by the Nine Commentaries to Chinese society, are submitted to Western media and righteous Chinese media, the silence of the Western media will be completely broken (please pay attention to safety when recording such images). In addition, all major media have their own news collectors. Upon hearing other people's comments and opinions, they will report them to their headquarters. When the Western media make their voices heard, correspondingly, the governments must express their stand. People will then pay attention to this major event in China that is of such importance to the entire world. Consequently, overseas Dafa practitioners' truth-clarification will be more powerful and their activities in validating Dafa will be more effective.

Thus, the evil party's vicious spirit will be exposed in the human world and the omissions arranged by the old forces will be broken through. All beings in the world will be able to read the Nine Commentaries. A critical mass of people aware of the Nine Commentaries and keeping a close watch on China will thus be formed. This will be the consequence of the mighty current of Fa-rectification turning the wheel towards the human world.