(Clearwisdom.net) This is a true story. Seven people's different attitudes towards a Dafa disciple, determined their different paths in life.

Ms. Liu Liping, a Daqing City Dafa disciple, has practiced Falun Dafa since 1997. Even since the brutal persecution started, she has remained steadfast.

In July 2000, she was forced to wear leg shackles weighing 25 kilograms (55 lb.) by detention center head Jiang Liandi. She was forced to walk quickly in the hot sun from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If she was slow, then Jiang started to kick her and slap her with a rigid plastic pipe. One time while Jiang was brutally beating her, his leg was injured. Liu Liping was healed in 4 days, but his leg was injured for more than a month.

After being released from the detention center, Liu Liping was wanted by the Daqing police station. The head of the police station ordered Liu Liping's brother, Liu Rui, who is also the captain of first team of Daqing police station, to arrest Liu Liping within one week, and said that he would be fired if he was unsuccessful. Liu Rui told relatives to report Liu Liping's moves. On March 14, 2001, Liu Liping went to her sister, Liu Liling's, home. Liu Liling's friend, Xiao Ren, reported her to the police station. Liu Liping's brother, Liu Yao, ordered his worker, Xiao Dai, to arrest his sister. Meanwhile, Liu Liling's other friend, businessman Lao Dong, was using a car to run over and destroy Falun Gong video tapes.

Liu Liping was illegally detained for more than seven and a half months. After that, she was sentenced for four years and was subjected to all kinds of painful suffering.

After his sister was sent to the detention center, her brother Liu Rui had two heart surgeries. He was also involved in an accident on March 13, 2005, and was sentenced to five years in jail. On March 15, Liu Liping was released, and on the same day, Liu Rui was jailed. Liu Rui said, "Immediately after my sister was released, I went in -- the timing was only moments apart."

Xiao Dai, the policeman who arrested Liu Liping, got sick soon after Liu Liping went to jail. The 30 year old soon looked like an old man with his back stooped over and his leg shaking.

Xiao Ren, who reported Liu Liping to the police station, and who made a lot of profit from corruption, ended up with severe liver problems. Liu Liling was deceived out of eighty to ninety thousand yuan. Her ankle had broken, and her night club business was burned, causing damage to two neighbors. Now, she is wanted by police.

Lao Dong, a millionaire, who drove his car on the Falun Gong video tapes, went bankrupt.

Liu Liping's little sister Liu Lijuan had a different attitude towards Falun Gong. Liu Lijuan is kind and nice to the people around her. In the last four years, her family has been happy and peaceful, and her business has been doing well.

In the universe, every being will be responsible for his or her deeds. Good results reward good deeds, and evil results are returned for evil deeds. Being kind to others is the same as being kind to oneself, being mean to others is the same as being mean to oneself. From Liu Liping's experiences, we are kindly advising people to be kind to Dafa disciples. Doing so will bring you a wonderful future.

[Editors' Note: As Dafa disciples, when we see kind-hearted people being rewarded with good fortune for listening to their consciences and being fair to Dafa or protecting Dafa disciples, we are thankful, and pleased for them. When we see people awaken and correct their wrongdoings after having earlier gone astray or down a wrong path, we are happy for them, and wish them our sincere blessings. When we see people who are deceived by the lies commit wrongdoings against Dafa disciples, disregarding the warnings from Heaven and going down an evil path from which they might never return, we feel very sad for them, and will do all we can to help them mend their ways.]