(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of May 5, 2005, several practitioners from Switzerland and Hungary held a peaceful appeal in front of the Singapore Embassy in Hungary and called for the Singapore government to reverse the unjust convictions of two practitioners. They also called on the Singapore government to stop participating in persecution of Falun Gong in exchange for a little economic benefit from the Chinese Communist regime.

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Peaceful appeal in front of Singapore Embassy in Hungary

During the appeal, the Singapore ambassador's wife yelled at practitioners impolitely, "Don't you know? Your two practitioners have been released. I wonder why you came here today. It is meaningless." A local police officer attempted to stop her interference of practitioners' appeal, however, she scolded the police officer in charge. The practitioners tried to explain the facts to her: "We know they are released. But they are not released without charge. Their husbands paid the fines, thus the practitioners' innocent reputations have not been restored."

The practitioners were not moved by her impoliteness. The police officer knew the facts and was very supportive of the practitioners' peaceful activities.