List of Contents

Chapter 1. Obtaining Falun Dafa - a Great Fortune

My Difficult and Heartbreaking Past

Falun Dafa Is So Extraordinary

Going to the Provincial Government to Appeal for Dafa

Chapter 2. Going to Beijing to Appeal for Dafa

I was Driven out of Chengdu City

Going to Beijing for the Second Time

Chapter 3. Forced Labor

Zhan Li, Head of the Third Team, Ordered Civilian Administrative Committee to Persecute Us

We Cannot Allow Them to Harm People

Hoping to Awaken Their Conscience

Tortured for Not Turning in the Books

The Seventh Team Started to Wage a Brutal Persecution

Forced to Sit in the "Army Corps" Posture

Forced Brainwashing

Locked in a Dark Room for Over 50 Days for Forced Brainwashing

Forced to Stand in the "Army Corps" Posture at the Edge of the Assembly Field

Torture Method: Electric Baton

Transferred to the Eighth Team

Refusing to Do Aerobics

Chapter 4. Suffering Physical Abuse and Torture

34-day-long Beating and Torture


Practitioners Successfully Removed Handcuffs Together in a Group

"Dragon Holding a Pillar" - a Torture Method; Locking One's Hands and Feet Together

At the Pi County Detention Center

Almost Beaten to Death for Refusing to Number Off

Elderly Practitioners in Their Sixties Went on a Hunger Strike

Sentenced to Forced Labor Again for One Year

Sent to Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp Again

My Family Was Extorted for Money

Miracle in Dafa

Abducted Again

Police Grabbed My Neck and Pushed Me into the Pi County Detention Center

Evildoing People Continued to Persecute Me Even When I was on the Brink of Death

Seeing I Was Dying, They Sentenced Me to Forced Labor

Police Used their Connections to Send Me to the Labor Camp

I Was Not Allowed to Go Home Even Though I Was Released With the Verdict of "Not Guilty"

I Was Sent to a Chinese Medicine Hospital on a Stretcher

Showing Symptoms of Leukemia

Police Attempted to Start Another Round of Brainwashing

Civilians Show Repugnance for the Evil Crimes of the 610 Office

The Doctor in Charge, Hu Min, Is Completely without Human Consciousness

Those Who Attempted to Persecute Me Ended up Defeated

I Was Abducted Again Nine Days after my Release

Suffering Torture 24 Hours a Day, Five Days in a Row

Forced to Become Homeless

Abducted at Dujiangyan City

I Should Get out of the Police Station

Tortured For 49 Days While Immobilized on a Bed

Forced Feeding

Digging a Hole in One's Chest and Inserting a Piece of Tubing into One's Body


Chapter 1. Obtaining Falun Dafa - a Great Fortune

My Difficult and Heartbreaking Past

My name is Zhou Huimin (my nickname is Yufen). I am 41 years old and was born in Shizhong Town, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province.

I was very sickly as a child and suffered from tonsillitis tachycardia (irregular heart rhythm). As a 14-year-old middle-school student I had severe neurasthenia. I developed stomach disease when I was 18. I had to depend on medication to be able to sleep and to continue my studies. My parents went many places looking for a good doctor and to pray to Buddha to have my illness cured. My poor health worried my family. Even my classmates often helped me put hot packs on my body to help reduce the swelling left by the penicillin injections. They all hoped I could restore my health.

When I was 17, my neurasthenia got worse due to stress from studying. My mother told me there was a well-known psychiatric doctor named Wu Tairen in the Qinglong Taoist Temple. I went to see this doctor; he put electric needles all over my head. As of now, I still vividly remember the painful experience. I used to take a type of tranquilizer pill to go to sleep. I was unable to sleep, even though I increased the daily dosage of the pill from two tablets to five tablets. Later, my doctor had to prescribe sleeping pills for me. During holiday vacations I usually stayed at my uncle's place in Chengdu City so that I could get treatments at the neurology department affiliated with Huaxi Medical University. Taking medication had become part of my daily life.

In 1992 I bought a truck to help my husband in his goods transportation business. He had an affair with another woman and would not come back home to live We got divorced in 1993, when my newborn son was only three months old. It had been such a traumatic experience that I almost collapsed. My mother came to help me raise my child. With a sickly body I could not sleep and could not eat. My mother often cried for me. When my son was six months old, my mother passed away.

In 1997, a company in Chengdu City hired me. Because of work pressure, my heart disease, stomach disease and neurasthenia got worse. I relied on experts from the hospital affiliated with Huaxi Medical University and Chinese Medical University of Chengdu to help diagnose and treat my diseases. I had by then developed a strong drug resistance. As soon as I took Western medications, my heartbeat would speed up and I would vomit. In April 1998, I could not fall asleep for over twenty days and would vomit whatever I ate. I suffered severe dehydration and I was physically devastated. At this point, I was unable to perform my daily work; the medical experts and scholars were helpless. My poor health and my tragic personal life left me in complete despair.

Falun Dafa Is Really Extraordinary

One day in May 1998, one of my kind-hearted colleagues came to talk to me. She said, "I have a book I want to share with you. I don't know whether you will believe the effectiveness of the book or not." I replied, "I have fallen into such a state and would like to try anything. Please bring it over and I'll read it." What she brought to me was Zhuan Falun.

Surprisingly, the first night after I read Zhuan Falun I slept very well. The next day I told my boss the good news. He immediately drove around to help me look for a Falun Gong practice site. He finally found a practice site at Xinhua Park in Chengdu City. Thereafter, I went to Xinhua Park every evening to practice Falun Gong.

Ever since the first day I read Zhuan Falun, I no longer suffered from insomnia and I could hold down my food. Miraculously, my tachycardia and tonsillitis were completely gone. It was totally unprepared for the miraculous healing and health-maintaining capabilities of Falun Gong. Falun Dafa gave me new hope for my life.

Upon seeing the tremendous physical and spiritual changes I experienced, several of my colleagues also started to practice Falun Gong. Many of my former colleagues knew that I was short-tempered and was not kind to others. After I started to practice Falun Gong, I was able to maintain a peaceful and compassionate mindset toward others. Master taught us that whatever we do, we should consider others first. I strictly followed Master's teaching and conducted myself in accordance with "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." I no longer stretched the truth when doing business with customers and thus made a really good impression on my customers.

Going to the Provincial Government to Appeal for Dafa

Unexpectedly, when I was feeling so fortunate to be able to enjoy the tremendous happiness resulting from practicing Falun Dafa, something terrible happened to one hundred million people - my fellow practitioners - who also cultivated Falun Dafa and followed the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." Former president Jiang Zemin, who thought that his political authority was being challenged, considered Falun Gong a threat. Because of his jealousy, Jiang single-handedly waged a nationwide campaign to suppress and persecute Falun Gong.

On June 10, 1999, the "610 Office" was established at all levels, from the central government down to local administrative organs. On July 20, 1999, the police started to arrest Falun Gong volunteer assistants all over the country. On July 22, many practitioners, including me, spent this day in worry and terror. We went to the provincial government to appeal for Falun Gong, requesting the officials to give us the legal right to practice and to release all innocent Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested. Before we were even able to enter the main entrance of the provincial government, the armed police forcibly took us onto a bus and sent us to a place to watch video programs slandering Master and Dafa. Later, all of us were sent to the Olympic Stadium in Chengdu. Every place we were taken to was heavily guarded and we were surrounded by armed police and public security staff. It was not until 1:00 a.m. that we were allowed to go home.

Since then, plainclothes police monitored all practice sites in the parks. My fellow practitioner Zhu Yinfang was arrested and detained for one month simply for going to a park to practice Falun Gong in the morning.

We no longer had a good environment for group practice. When we turned on the TV, all that was telecast were slanderous attacks and defamation of Dafa and our Master. Time and again I would recall the terrible scenes I saw on July 22, where the provincial government was heavily guarded, and practitioners were grabbed, pushed and forcibly taken away by armed police and public security personnel. I suffered from tremendous physical and mental trauma from that experience and could not continue my practice of Falun Gong. As a consequence, only one month after I stopped doing the exercises, all the illnesses I had before, such as insomnia and vomiting, came back. I was extremely depressed.

Then I started to calm down and think it over. I cultivate in Falun Dafa and conform to "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" in order to be a good person. There is nothing wrong with this; the illnesses that had pestered me for twenty years were gone without any medical treatment. Falun Dafa is such a wondrous as well as intricate and extraordinary science. Is there any scientist or medical scholar who can explain such miracles? How can I give up my practice of Falun Dafa? I should and I must go to tell the leaders of our country that there is nothing wrong with cultivating Falun Dafa! Falun Gong is good and the government should give the people a suitable cultivation environment and allow them to continue their practice.

Chapter 2. Going to Beijing to Appeal for Dafa

With such a beautiful wish in my mind, I boarded the train heading towards Beijing on November 31, 1999. The sign for the Beijing Appeals Office had been removed. The place was crawling with plainclothes and uniformed policemen arresting all Falun Gong practitioners who came to appeal. I ran into fellow practitioner Zhu Yinfang. After exchanging ideas we decided to go to Tiananmen Square to do the sitting meditation. Many tourists were at the square. We wanted to tell them that Falun Gong is good. A small minority of people in the vast country of China must not suppress the Falun Gong practitioners. The two of us walked into the square, hand in hand. Practitioner Wang Shilin from Chengdu City saw us there and wanted to do the exercises too, to validate the Fa.

We had just sat down with our legs crossed, when several plainclothes agents arrived immediately; one of them kicked me down to the ground. Then they pulled us into a police van. Soon, the whole van was filled with Falun Gong practitioners rounded-up on Tiananmen Square. The police drove the van to the police station near the square. They subjected me to a body search against my will and ordered me to take my copy of Zhuan Falun out of my cloth bag. I didn't obey. Then a few police officers pushed me onto a table and hit the bridge of my nose with a wooden stick a foot long. I immediately felt my head and face swell. Then they twisted my arms behind my back, and pushed my head tight and forcibly took the copy of Zhuan Falun out of my pack. After that they put me in a fenced metal partition set in a big room. I then saw that there were more than one hundred persons inside the fenced-off area under the police's surveillance. My face and eye sockets swelled and turned blue; my vision got blurry.

On December 5, some practitioners and I were transferred to a Siheyuan (a compound with houses around a courtyard). The perpetrators were police officers from the Sichuan Province Liaison Office in Beijing. We were body searched again.

Afterwards we were held in a very low-ceilinged and humid room. All we could do was sit on the cement floor. On the morning of December 6, we recited Lunyu as a group; a tall policeman in his 30s from the Chengdu City Liaison Office in Beijing broke in. He beat Li Yinxiang, a practitioner over 50 years old, hard with his fists. I immediately rushed over to stop him, but unexpectedly, he punched me once and kicked me down to the ground. As soon as I managed to stand up, I fell down to the concrete floor again from his next punch and kick; it continued back and forth several times like that. The policeman did not stop until fellow practitioner Luo Xiaoyu shielded me. After that, practitioner Yu Xuemei took action and spoke up for us. That practitioner was also pulled out and handcuffed together with Li Yinxiang, to a big tree outside where they suffered tortures. My face had been beaten black and blue by the Tiananmen Square police. That beating had made my face misshapen. My whole body hurt so much that I could not turn over in my sleep. I was held in this room for two days and nights.

On the evening of December 7, the dozens of practitioners held in that Liaison Office in Beijing were sent back to Chengdu City. On the morning of December 9, the train entered the Chengdu Station. Policemen were scattered on the platform. We were forced to get on a bus, were sent to the Qingyang Drug-abuse Rehab Center in Chengdu City. Then we were forced to endure another body search, with all our clothes removed. We were put into a small room after that, where we had to sit on a long wooden board bench and watch a videotape that slandered Dafa. The volume was turned up so loud that people could barely stand it. Soon after, I felt my head swell and I felt nauseous. Outside the door, several police officers (both male and female) monitored us with surveillance cameras.

On the morning of December 10, all the practitioners illegally held in the Qingyang Drug-Abuse Rehab Center were driven out onto the center's courtyard where they forced us to run laps around the court. Police removed the shoestrings from everyone's shoes, particularly those of practitioners wearing jogging shoes. The shoes would fall off whenever anyone lifted their foot, making it very difficult to run. The police just antagonized people in this way. There were young, high school-age practitioners and also male or female elderly practitioners with gray hair in this running crowd.

I was Driven out of Chengdu City

Around 9:00 a.m. on the morning of December 11, two policemen singled me out. We got in a van and were sent to the Chenghua District Police Department of Chengdu City. A policeman ordered me to sit in a meeting room. A large Dafa-slandering banner was hung up there in the front section of the meeting room. Some more people came in one after another; listening to them I could tell they were Dafa practitioners, too. Then many policemen arrived. It actually was a criticizing and denouncing meeting. I was definitely one of the criticizing objects. They said that my appeal had violated the law and that I was a citizen who didn't abide by the law. Eventually, a head of those policemen announced that they would drive me away from Chengdu and said they had notified the authorities of each district in Chengdu City; they would have personnel from each police station supervise and urge practitioners to write the "Renouncing the belief in Falun Gong" statement. Two officers from Tiaodenghe Police Station brought paper and pen. I wrote, "I've decided that I will forever practice Falun Dafa cultivation."

They sent me to the Jiuru Village Detention Center in Chengdu City and held me there for eight days. There, we were only given spoiled rice to eat and had no drinking water. The only water available was the dirty water flowing in the toilet.

After I was unlawfully held there for seven days, they released me after they had ordered my family to pay 150 yuan for living expenses.

Going to Beijing for the Second Time

At the end of January 2000, Tao Juhua and I, as well as her five-year-old son Tao Tao went to Beijing together again. We still wanted to practice the exercises on Tiananmen Square, to tell people, "Falun Dafa is good! The injustices brought against Falun Dafa are the worst in all the ages!"

We started to practice the 2nd exercise, "The Falun Standing Stance," at one side of the flagpole in the square. Just as we had lifted up our hands, we were kicked down to the ground by a group of plainclothes agents who dashed over. Tao Tao was shocked, standing there without making a single move. The policemen forcefully pulled us from the snowy ground into a van and then transferred us to the Ziyang City/Sichuan Province Liaison Office in Beijing.

A few days later, the Xiang Rong couple and other personnel from Jianyang City Police Department arrived, took us back to Jianyang and held us in the Jianyang City Detention Center.

Chapter 3. Forced Labor

Tao Juhua and I were illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor and were sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong, Sichuan Province on March 1, 2000. Drug addicts in the 5th Team at the labor camp subjected me to a complete body search, even compelling me to remove my underwear. They searched everything, including sanitary pads by tearing the pads apart. The police and the 5th Team "Civilian Administrative Committee" (CAC) whose members are common criminals selected by the labor camp to assist the camp authorities, most of them with a volatile temper, forced us to do military drills, including walking in parade formation, sitting and running like soldiers and other such drills. We were exhausted at the end of the day, but as soon as we lay down on the beds at night, the police guards ordered us to wash their clothes by hand, even their underwear. Once, practitioner Zhou Zebi and I washed their clothes, bent down, for two full hours. It made our backs hurt. We were so tired that we could not straighten our backs. When I was doing cleaning work, a young female guard named Zhou Qianli put her feet in front of me and ordered me to clean her shoes with a damp towel. Another practitioner, Mao Junhua, was ordered to wash the clothes for the guards. She coughed up blood from the exhaustion.

Zhan Li, Head of the Third Team, Ordered Civilian Administrative Committee to Persecute Us

One month later, I was sent to the Third Team - the team for the drug addicts. Twelve practitioners were illegally detained there before I arrived. Yang Qihui was the youngest, in her 20's and older practitioners included practitioner Wang Yangfang who used to work at Chengdu's No. 7 People's Hospital. The 13 practitioners including myself asked the team head Zhan Li to provide us an environment so that we could practice Falun Gong. Zhan Li refused our request and took away our Dafa books. As practitioners, we treat Falun Dafa as our life; the practitioners kept on practicing Falun Gong in the morning at a field outside, even though the team head Zhan Li incited those drug addicts to beat us cruelly.

In the morning, as soon as the door to our room was opened, I first took the chamber pot to the toilet as fast as I could and cleaned it up. The room's doors were opened only in the morning when the drug addicts and other prisoners went to work, and again in the evening when they came back from work. Other practitioners also came out to empty their chamber pots. Then we went downstairs as fast as we could to the field and sat on the ground to start the meditation. Sometimes, before the practitioners whose doors to their room opened later arrived at the field, the drug addicts and the guards had already beaten those practitioners who arrived early down to the ground. They also kicked or stepped on our legs when we sat in the lotus position; or they pulled our hair, beating and kicking us as hard as they could. The practitioners who came later still found a way to break through the violence of the guards and the drug addicts; they sat down on the ground in the lotus position as soon as they arrived at the field, insisting on taking part in the morning exercise because this is a cultivation form that Master taught us.

One morning while I was sitting in the back row (next to the 2nd Team location) on the field with my hand just beginning the Jieyin position and with my eyes closed, I heard a "bang" nearby; it was the sound of a fellow practitioner's head bumping on the concrete ground. I opened my eyes and saw that Pan Guangping was dragged off the field and then down the rock stairs off the field. Team head Zhan Li was the one dragging her. Pan Guangping's head had bumps the size of eggs from being kicked. Some of the practitioners were kicked and beaten by several people and some were dragged down the rock stairs, off the field, by the perpetrators pulling on their feet.

When I practiced Falun Gong at the fields in the morning I rarely opened my eyes because I was afraid that the violent scene could bring up my attachment of fear. The drug addicts and guards were extremely vicious. My whole body was covered with blue and purple marks, particularly on my back and legs. My abdominal area was all purple and covered with bruises. Several times my heart started to beat hard as soon as I sat in the lotus position because I was afraid of them coming to kick at or jump on my already-injured legs; it was extremely painful. At that moment, I would recite from memory over and over Master's teaching,

"When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test." ("Expounding on the Fa," Essentials for Further Advancement)

My mind then calmed down and I remained unshakable to face the savage beating.

One morning we went to the field to practice the sitting mediation. Even though the vicious beatings and verbal abuse continued as usual, the team head Zhan Li felt that it was still not enough. She instructed the drug addicts to drag me to the bathroom. Before they dragged me, several drug addicts dragged Zhou Suzhi down the rock steps and dragged her into a heap of dirty black sludge, which the clean-up workers had dug out from the sewer. At that moment, Zhou Suzhi saw a bright red light in front of her and no matter how hard those drug addicts kicked her, pulled her and beat her, they could not beat her down into the filthy mud. She remained standing! We all knew that Master Li was protecting her.

Yang Qihui, Yang Qihui (another practitioner with the same name) and I were dragged to the bathroom on the second floor. Several drug addicts came and kicked us violently. One drug addict from the No. 1 cell (I do not know her name) kicked me the hardest, but they did not knock me down. Yang Qihui was knocked down onto the floor. They forced her to sit on the bathroom floor covered with urine. Practitioner Chen Xiangzhi came over; she broke into the crowd and helped Yang Qihui to get up. The drug addicts kept kicking Yang Qihui (the 2nd Yang Qihui) and me. Later, Chen Hongrong and Yang Yang from my cell came over and helped us and prevented us from being knocked down to the urine-covered floor.

To be honest, practicing the Falun Gong sitting mediation at the field every morning had become a very important part of our Fa validation. Some days I woke at 4:00 a.m. without experiencing any sleepiness. I would stay in bed and think, "It would be good if the dawn would never come and it would always be peaceful like this; then we would not have to face the fiendish beating. I am scared of the dawn!" But I then thought, "This thought is not right. Doing group practice is a cultivation form Master taught us. I am a Falun Dafa disciple and I should go to the field with dignity to practice Falun Gong. It is because of the inhumane persecution that we suffer this brutal torture for practicing Falun Gong." I then cleared my thoughts and did not think of anything.

The first thing I did each day after I got up was to put on my clothes for the practice (a pair of jeans covered with a thick layer of mud and black dust, and a big sweater with the collar almost to the shoulder due to constantly being dragged by the guards and drug addicts) and jogged to the field for the practice. One day when I had just sat down, I heard the sound of pouring water. I opened my eyes and saw that criminal Deng Li from the CAC pouring a basin full of water over Pan Guangping's head, who was sitting in front of me. On the field were many buckets of water that the team head Zhan Li had ordered the drug addicts to prepare. The drug addicts were pouring water over the practitioners' bodies, one bucket after another. Before I realized it, Deng Li had poured a basin full of water over my head. She poured water over my head and the water flowed into my clothes; the freezing water soaked my whole body in the cold March weather. I still sat there with legs crossed, meditating. I thought at the moment that it would be better than anything if they did not kick me and pull my legs so that I could practice a little longer. How much I desired to practice in the field a little longer! After they finished pouring water, a group of drug addicts came over to kick me. Finally, they dragged us from the wet field to our rooms and locked us up in our rooms.

This morning is my happiest day. It had been raining heavily. I thought that they might not beat us in the rain. Maybe we could practice more today. The door opened. I rushed down at the highest speed and sat in the double lotus position to begin the fifth exercise. I felt my fellow practitioners sitting beside me. We sat silently in the rain. Rain permeated through our hair and fell down our cheeks. My heart felt so quiet and calm. The rain went through and wet my trousers and made me feel a little bit cold, but the tremendous power radiating from my body soon replaced the cold. The whole practice place was in harmony.

Familiar sounds of beating and kicking broke this harmony again. We were removed from the practice site and locked in the cells. Luo Xiaoyu was beaten most severely. She had been brought to our unit just at the time that we had asked the camp authorities about group practice. Team leader Zhan thought that it was under Luo Xiaoyu's leadership that we asked for group practice. So, team leader Zhan directed all her anger at Luo Xiaoyu. In the evening, after we all slept, Zhan ordered the criminals from the CAC to get Luo Xiaoyu and tie her up in the office or hang her up in a small room beside the office. They ruthlessly beat her in turn. It had already lasted for several nights. We had no idea what was going on. Because Luo Xiaoyu was concerned about affecting our group practice and Fa-rectification, she didn't tell us. It was her roommate Pan Guangping who told us after seeing she was beaten so badly, that she could not get into the upper level bed bunk and could not get up for practice.

Hearing this, we refused to go into the cell in the evening. We went together to Zhan and asked to visit Luo Xiaoyu. Zhan had no way to hide but to release Luo Xiaoyu who was already detained in the small room, but not tied up yet. Luo Xiaoyu burst into tears when she saw all of us standing by to welcome her. We all burst into tears. Chen Xiangzhi helped Luo Xiaoyu back to her cell.

Xiaoyu told us that she was beaten so hard that she could not make out directions and find her way back to the cell. Last night she was beaten until midnight. Her skull seemed fractured. The back of her skull appeared to be automatically opening and closing. Her hair was also moving on its own. The drug addicts were scared. They shouted, "Look, her hair is moving!" So the CAC members stopped the beating. Since then until now, Luo Xiaoyu's skull can be seen at any time to be divided into two halves from her forehead to the top of the head, and the two sides appear to open and close!

Xiaoyu continued to tell us that team leader Zhan had ordered drug addicts to hang her up for beating that night and would not stop doing so until we would no longer go to do group exercises. Xiaoyu, therefore, asked for help from Master. With the mercy and protection from Master, team leader Zhan no longer ordered drug addicts to beat her. Chen Hongrong is a kind staff member. She saw that we were brutally beaten every day. She said angrily, "White Hair (referring to elderly practitioners like Wang Yangfang) was even brutally beaten. She is as old as my Mom. If my Mom were beaten like that, I would fight with them to the death.

True, we were beaten every day, the reason being because we simply wanted to practice our Falun Gong exercises. The so called "Civilized" Nanmusi Labor Camp in Zizhong City boasted to the outside that they deployed "mild education and influence" on us.

We were locked in our cell for long time. Eating, drinking and elimination were all conducted in the same place. Drug addicts sometimes would pass a steamed bun to us through the window slot. Sometimes they would hand us a meal. When there was no water to drink, we had to drink the water that they used for washing. One day I had been eating lunch. I heard a broadcast downstairs. Someone was reading articles slandering Master and Dafa. To stop them from slandering, making use of the opportunity of doors opening in the afternoon, we all went to Chen Xiangzhi's cell. We had an agreement to meet at this time every day for exchange of information. We then decided to go on a hunger strike together to protest the persecution. The next day, when drug addicts passed us the steamed buns through window slots we told them, "We would rather die than hear the slandering broadcast every day." Two days later, they stopped the broadcast.

One day around 9:00 a.m. I was in the middle of the exercises and heard the sounds of beatings of practitioners in the first and second cells. Shortly after that, my cell door suddenly opened. Several drug addicts broke in, pushed my hands down and started to slap me on the face. When one tired, another one continued. At last, I fell to the floor and they started to jump on my legs and kick me heavily. Because of kicking too hard, one of the perpetrator's shoes fell off. I got the shoe and handed it back to him. Thus, they stopped beating me; however, they roped my hands with thin linen string onto a metal bed for the whole morning. I tried to stretch my fingers and do the holding the wheel pose [the second standing exercise]. I recited the Fa again and again, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun) Later, after the drug addicts released fellow practitioner Yang Qihui, she helped to untie the rope. Although it was very cold in March, I was sweating. The backs of my hands and my little finger still don't have any feeling, even after half a year.

One afternoon, team leader Zhan Li ordered criminals from the CAC to let us out of our rooms and take our photo downstairs. Just as I was getting out of the cell, I saw Dafa practitioner Luo Xiaoyu surrounded by several drug addicts and kicked until she had no strength to get up any more. They dragged Luo Xiaoyu away but opened the hallway's metal door and ordered me to have my photo taken. Watching a fellow practitioner beaten to her last breath made me so uncomfortable. Walking downstairs, I had the thought to practice the exercises. The opportunity was so rare, as we were locked in the cell every day. As soon as I put up my legs for the sitting meditation, they started to kick and stomp on me. At last, we were locked in the cells again and no longer forced to have our photos taken.

We Cannot Allow Them to Harm People

One day in the afternoon, when I was lying on the bed, I heard cell head Chen Hongrong speaking some slanderous words towards our Master. Taking the chance when they went off to eat, I got off the bed and saw a big book on Chen Hongrong's bed, which was all lies slandering Master and Dafa. I knew that I couldn't let this book poison these drug addicts. They were already harming themselves by taking drugs. I wanted to burn that slanderous book. I told fellow practitioner Chen Xiangzi my thought, and she managed to buy a cigarette lighter for me. I burned that book when the drug addicts went to eat during the lunch break the next day.

(To be continued)