1. Ms. Sun Guihua was tortured to death in Shenyang Women's Prison

At the end of May 2003, practitioner Ms. Sun Guihua from Anshan City of Liaoning Province was detained in Shenyang Women's Prison for practicing Falun Gong. Within four days of detention, she was tortured to death.

The perpetrators tried to brainwash Ms. Sun, forced her to recite the prison regulations, and punished her for not cooperating with them. They tortured her by starving her, and depriving her of water and sleep. Ms. Sun was detained in the second team of the Second Division, and was monitored by inmate Sun Lijie. Ms. Sun refused to cooperate with them and continued to practice Falun Gong. Inmate Sun Lijie and five to six inmates refused to give her water, food, kept her from sleeping and did not allow her to use the toilet. Ms. Sun was also forced to stand on the floor barefoot in the restroom. Ms. Sun refused to participate in the forced labor during the daytime. As punishment, she was forced to stand in the restroom until midnight.

Ms. Sun was tortured like this for three days. On the morning of the fourth day, inmate Sun Lijie and other inmates got up and tried to awaken Ms. Sun. They yelled at her and beat her, but Ms. Sun did not respond. Inmate Sun Lijie shouted: "Don't pretend to be dead! Get up and do your work!" Inmate Sun cursed loudly, but still Ms. Sun did not respond. The inmates and Sun Lijie pulled her up, but when they released her, Ms. Sun fell down. They realized that the problem was serious, and called a guard to check it out. The guard told them to rush Ms. Sun to a hospital.

Ms. Sun was carried to the hospital, where she passed away. Ms. Sun was tortured to death within four days.

2. The persecution suffered by Ms. Liu Mei

In April 2002, Ms. Liu Mei from Donggang of Liaoning Province was seriously injured when police from Donggang City Public Security Bureau arrested her. Her head was seriously injured, and she suffered a concussion. She had a high fever for a long period of time and was later diagnosed with tuberculosis. She and her husband were sentenced to thirteen years in prison and taken to Dabei Prison in Shenyang. In March 2004, their family was allowed to visit the couple in the prison. They found Ms. Liu Mei sitting in a wheelchair with the assistance of others. She had difficulty speaking. The head of the Elderly and Disabled Division told the family harshly, "No transformation, no release! If she dies, we will throw her out!"