Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Xiong Wenqi walked out of Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai with righteous thoughts. Since Mr. Xiong was on hunger strike for over 600 days, he was tortured and extremely weak. Currently he is still in the hospital.

He used to be detained in a maximum-security facility in the Tilanqiao Prison, Shanghai, with criminals who have committed all kinds of terrible crimes. His so-called "criminal term" was to expire in November of last year. The policeman with last name Zhang (the middle group team leader) once announced, "If he can make it through his term, we will let him leave with only a gasp of breath left." In order to force him to stop his hunger strike, under the circumstances that he was extremely weak, the policemen instructed prisoners to order him to sit on a little bench from 5 a.m. up to 8 p.m. with two legs straight out and both hands on his legs. The policemen promised the prisoners that whoever could force the practitioners to give up their hunger strike would have their prison sentences reduced. So the prisoners often slapped him and violently kicked his back. His face was beaten and distorted, and turned black and blue. His face was also swollen with broken skin. The policemen then alleged that he scratched himself.

When Mr. Xiong's family members visited him, he could not walk by himself. His legs were disabled and he sat in a wheelchair. He could not raise his head and could not even hold up the telephone to speak to his family. Upon an urgent request from his family, he was sent to the hospital. On April 15, his family received a notice that his life was in danger. Mr. Xiong was in shock and his blood pressure was 21-40. At that time, the policemen refused his family's request to give him a transfusion of albumin and blood plasma to help save his life. Instead, they tried to extort money from his family. Through his family's repeated requests, Mr. Xiong's firm righteous thoughts and the Shanghai practitioners sending righteous thoughts, the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai started to waver. On April 19, strongly and righteously, Xiong Wenqi finally walked out of the prison with righteous thoughts.

Currently there are many practitioners are still detained in Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai:

Qu Yanlai, Zhou Bin, Zhang Yiming, Yu Lei, Jiang Yexiang, Cai Jun, Yang Yanhui, Mei Jianqi, Jiang Yong, Geng Zhaojun, Wu Wenming, Qiu Shen, Tao Xiangwei, Tang Renya, Du Ting, Zhu Degui, He Bingang, Liu Shunmin, and Dafa practitioner Hua Wei from Beijing etc.

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