(Clearwisdom.net) The Communist Party has always used Shanghai's Tilanqiao Prison as its so-called "window of civility." Let us expose the true situation of Tilanqiao Prison and examine how the CCP ordered Tilanqiao Prison authorities to torture Falun Gong practitioners in order to try to force them to give up their practice. Recently, prison authorities dragged Qu Yanlai out of his cell to force-feed him, causing deep abrasions on his legs and severe bleeding.

Ou Ligang, head of the Tilanqiao Prison Second Ward, comes from Chongming County of Shanghai. He utilized the criminals from his home county as his personal henchmen. Among them were Li Rong and Yuan Zhong, who were the leaders of the criminals. Under direct orders, these accomplices often abused Falun Gong practitioners using corporal punishment. They would get rewards from Ou, and were even recognized as "advanced members of labor reform," which resulted in their sentences being commuted.

Prison guards and their accomplices cruelly punched and kicked steadfast Falun Gong practitioners, willfully causing severe injuries. Practitioner Zhou Bin's private parts were severely injured due to the prison guards brutal kicking. Guards grabbed practitioner Du Ting's neck, force-fed him while he was on hunger strike, and dragged him back and forth on the concrete floor, which resulted in his losing consciousness. The persecutors also tied hunger-striking practitioner Xiong Wenqi to a bed for one year, causing muscular atrophy throughout his body. Practitioner Jiang Yexiang, who was also on hunger strike, was ignored for ten days without anyone attending to him. The persecutors pressed practitioner Zhang Yiming's head very close to human excrement, forcing him to smell it.

Qu Yanlai is now detained at the Second Ward's "Youth Experimental Team." Since his detention, Qu Yanlai has been rejecting the persecution and maltreatment from the prison guards by means of a hunger strike. The guards have been force-feeding him. In April of 2005, prison guards deliberately dragged Qu Yanlai up and down the steps of a long, concrete staircase many times while taking Qu to the forced-feeding place, causing the bones of Qu's legs to protrude through the skin and bleed profusely due to the constant abrasion against the sharp edges of the hard concrete steps.

Qu Yanlai, 28, was arrested on the night of September 30, 2002 by Taopu Detention Center authorities in Shanghai, and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Qu was on hunger strike (without any food or water) for 750 days to protest against the illegal arrest and imprisonment.

During practitioner Zhang Yimin's hunger strike in 2001, prison guards Ou Ligang and his accomplices did not take out the tube after forced feeding, Instead they used a clamp to clip the tube onto Zhang's nose. They then handcuffed Zhang's hands with a leather belt to prevent him from removing the tube. Zhang could not move and had difficulty breathing. The tube inside his stomach sometimes touched the inner lining of his stomach or mucosa of his oesophagus, causing all sorts of pain and reactions. After this, prison guards began using this method routinely.

Prison guards also use all kinds of measures to deprive Falun Gong practitioners of sleep. Sometimes they force practitioners to squat down for up to a week without allowing them to sit down, and sometimes they force practitioners to wear headphones and listen to extremely loud noise, so as to destroy the practitioners' will power. To the practitioners who lodged appeal letters against such illegal detention, prison guards would force them to stand facing a wall with their hands placed behind their back for a lengthy period of time, or force them to sit on a tiny stool (about 25 cm. / 9.8 inches high). Perpetrators from the second ward include prison guards Zhang Jian, Ni Yongbin, Dai Wenlong, Guo Hai, and Lu Bin. Persecutors from Ward Four and Six, as well as from the Education Office and Counseling Office, include Zheng Hailin, Shen Yanrong, Fu Kehu, Xue Chun, and others.

The CCP has violated human rights, persecuted people's faith, and become extremely corrupt. The laws of the universe will not tolerate such brutal persecution against the innocent citizens who follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."