(Clearwisdom.net) Hengyi (alias) is a little Dafa practitioner from our town. He learned Falun Dafa when he was only three years old. Guided by his parents, Hengyi perseveres in studying the Fa every day. He reminds himself to listen to the audiotape of Master's lecture in Dalian almost every day. Sometimes, he listens to the lecture for several hours in a row. While listening, he stays near the tape recorder and never speaks loudly. Whenever the tape reaches its end, he reminds his parents by saying, "Master has finished, please turn the tape over quickly!"

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The photos showing Hengyi sitting were taken on the Chinese New Year's Day of 1999. When fellow practitioners visited his family and saw that he loved to study the Fa and practice the exercises, they took pictures of him. Amazingly, a halo appeared in several pictures. The photo showing Hengyi standing was taken in the summer when he was four years old. By this time little Hengyi was even more sincere and attentive in studying the Fa. When he was about six years old, he started practicing the fifth exercise, the sitting meditation. Sometimes, his legs felt so painful that he couldn't help shedding tears. Even so, he would not make a noise. Sometimes, seeing him in such pain, his father would tell him to put down his legs, but Hengyi shook his head without saying a word. While shedding tears, he persevered until he finished the meditation.

When school began in 2004, teachers in his school stressed that students had to wear their red scarves. Hengyi said, "I feel uncomfortable when I wear that thing, so I just don't wear it!"

After July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, the evil police in our area investigated both openly and secretly, and attempted to find Hengyi. With Master's protection, Hengyi has remained very safe.