(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I have heard some ordinary people, sometimes even practitioners, say that our dissemination of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was a big step in the "Anti-Communist Movement." Other people think that we are involved with political groups in society. Some practitioners think that the entire situation has changed, and we need to treat ordinary people according to their attitude towards the Chinese Communist Party. Actually, our using the Nine Commentaries to clarify the truth is fundamentally different from ordinary people's political pursuit in the "Anti-Communist Movement." Our starting point is different, and our destination is completely different, too.

Dafa practitioners, through clarifying the facts over the last five years, have helped many Chinese people understand the true situation and obtain a bright future. The main obstacles for the rest of the people are the evilness of the CCP and the illusion of economic prosperity (this is my understanding at this time). Under normal circumstances, Dafa disciples do not need to expose the deeds of an evil scoundrel who has committed all kinds of crimes. Ordinary people will step forward to oppose it and expose its crimes. But the scoundrels of the CCP are now standing in the way of the return of many sentient beings and obstructing Fa-rectification. That's why Dafa disciples have the responsibilities and the means to carry out the will of heaven and do this very compassionate deed of exposing the evilness of the CCP. The gods will arrange what happens after the exposure. People's words and actions today will determine their results, so the current process is very important.

To clarify the facts to the Chinese people who still don't know the truth, which is a large number, we need to clear the garbage that has been obstructing them. The Nine Commentaries has provided a powerful tool to directly clear away the evil party, which is the largest garbage dump that continues to poison the people. It is only natural for us to use this tool. However, we do not have the pursuit or the need to be "anti-Communist." From the perspective of a cultivator, we all know that we need to clear the garbage when it starts to stink. This does not mean that we are "against the garbage."

The purpose of disseminating the Nine Commentaries was not for the sake of the Nine Commentaries themselves. Instead, we are trying to free people from the obstacles of the evil party so that they could hear the truth about Dafa and the persecution, and be saved. In other words, our starting point is to clear away the obstacles for the people to hear the truth. Our goal was saving sentient beings, not for comfort or easiness in the process of our clarifying the truth. This has nothing to do with fame, profit or power in society. This is not political. In contrast, those involved in anti-Communist movements are focused on the social system and power struggles. Their goal is to rid the CCP of its power so that they can rule the country.

Because the content of the Nine Commentaries involve ordinary people's politics, we need to use it with wisdom. This also conforms to the laws of the ordinary people's society: we use our positions among ordinary people and information at the level of ordinary people to explain ordinary people's affairs.

In order for more people to fulfill the will of heaven, to save themselves, and to be saved, Dafa practitioners have the responsibility to help them clear away the obstructions. We should not try to decide whether to save them based on their current understanding of the CCP.