(Clearwisdom.net) The No. 3 Forced Labor Camp of Henan Province is located in Xuchang City. Yan Zhenye, the labor camp director, and Jiang, the deputy director, are in charge of the forced transformation of Falun Dafa practitioners being unlawfully held in the labor camp. Political heads Shi Baolong and Ma Huating, team leaders Zhao Zhimin and Jia Zigang, political officials Liu Tianxun and Shen Jianwei, and an official with the surname Xu, in charge of political indoctrination, have all been involved in ordering criminal inmates to torture practitioners.

Practitioners Yao Sanzhong and Li Jian died from cruel torture. Several others have become handicapped. Wang Yukun's leg was broken, Pang Liang's forearm was crippled after he was tied up, and Yue Caiyun, who suffered injuries over the entire body, remained bedridden for six months. Among those who were tortured to the brink of death are practitioners Yan Xinliang, Li Chenyang, Wang Lei, Zhao Yongzhong, Li Jinke, Wu Junqing, Yang Hongqi, Peng Hongyan, Wu Zhongmin, and Zhang Keyun.

A CCP flag has been hung up in each cell since August 2003. All inmates were ordered to make pledges in front of it. Party members have threatened that the red flag will be painted with blood from anyone who refuses to comply. Officials have also ordered everyone to sing songs in praise of the CCP.

April 23, 2005