Little Yuwei started practicing Falun Dafa when he was 9 years old. His mom said that when he was quite a bit younger he was already sitting in a position where both his legs folded up, with his eyes closed a little bit, and his hands joined together. After he started to practice Falun Dafa, whether it was a cold winter or a hot summer day, he always went with his mom to the practice site to study the Fa and do the exercises. Nothing could stop them. After they finished studying the Fa, it was often late at night. Mom had to carry little Yuwei, who had fallen asleep by then, all the way home.

Little Yuwei used to be an average student. After he started practicing Falun Dafa, he stopped fighting and making fun of his classmates. Study became easy for him. He ranked No.3 in the class for his academic record. Every time people from his practice site organized activities to spread Falun Dafa, he actively participated. One time, it was so hot that he hesitated to go. His mom encouraged him by saying that, since he was a young Dafa practitioner, he should go. So under the scorching sun, he stood there seriously, in the holding the law wheel posture, to help spread the Fa during the activity.

On "April 25," when over 10,000 people went to appeal to the Chinese government, little Yuwei was already a junior high school student. He couldn't understand why the government suddenly banned such a good cultivation practice. On July 20, 1999, when the brutal persecution first started, he and his grandma went to the municipal government [to appeal]. Of those who sat there quietly, he was the only child. In 2000, before his mom went to Beijing to appeal, she didn't let any of her relatives and friends know about the trip; she was afraid of obstacles coming from many sources. When she was talking to little Yuwei about her plan, he wanted to go with her. His mom didn't want to take him as her understanding of the Fa at that time was not deep enough. Little Yuwei was very supportive of his mom's plan, even though he was under all kinds of pressure and suffered the pain of separating from her, as he had never been left alone before. After his mom was arrested in Beijing and brought back to the local detention center, he was deeply hurt in his heart. Policemen, their relatives and friends tried to force him to pressure his mom not to practice Falun Gong any more. Little Yuwei was still very supportive of his mom in his heart. He understood that his mom was doing a very righteous thing. Therefore he refused to do that to her. While his mom was being detained, his dad was sometimes away from home too. So Yuwei cooked his own food, and took care of himself. He said to himself: "Even though my mom is not at home, I will follow the Fa's requirements, and I will not let the Fa down." Every time he went to the detention center to visit his mom, his relatives and friends asked him to persuade her to renounce Falun Dafa so that she could come back home to look after him. However, when he saw his mom, he always encouraged her to be steadfast. Since his mom was not at home, and his relatives and family friends prohibited him from having any contact with fellow practitioners, Yuwei often felt lonely at home. Every time he started feeling lonely and missed his mom, he could hear the sound of a wooden chipper playing near his ears. This gave him a lot of encouragement and confidence to face everything in his life.

One time, before Yuwei graduated from junior high school, he was playing at the play field and injured his right hand. It was very painful. Right after that, he had a Chemistry exam; he took the test while bearing a lot of pain. The exam had a question that defamed Teacher and Dafa. At first, Yuwei crossed out this question; but after thinking about it, he answered it without any hesitation: "My Teacher is not like that. Falun Gong is good. It's not like what the Government talks about. I am a practitioner and I know the truth about Falun Gong!" After that, his pain stopped without his noticing it. After marking all of the papers, Yuwei's Chemistry teacher read his answer to that particular question to all the other Chemistry teachers out loud. This teacher also passed his test paper among all classes in the same grade. When Yuwei's paper was passed back to his class, his teacher and many classmates sneered at him. In the afternoon, his teacher called his mom to come to the school, and he asked his mom not to influence him with Falun Gong. After his mom clarified the truth to Yuwei's teacher, his teacher said: "We should not be against personal beliefs."

In 2002, at about 10 p.m. on the night before the Chinese New Year, Yuwei's dad was at work and he was studying for the mid term. A bunch of policemen broke into his home and forcibly took his mom to the police station. Little Yuwei went to the police station himself to challenge the policemen: "Why did you arrest my mom? I am waiting for my mom to sign my marked exam papers." The policemen lied to him and said that they would let his mom go in a little while. Then they had someone drive him home. However, his mom was still detained at the detention center. The policemen were trying to use little Yuwei. They tried to persuade him not to practice by threatening him. They also attempted to use him to force his mom to be "transformed". Little Yuwei said firmly: "Falun Gong is very good. I must practice! You should not arrest my mom. You said you would let my mom go, but you didn't!" All his relatives and friends blamed him, saying that he didn't care about his mom. They told him that if he would just talk his mom into writing a Guarantee Statement, his mom could be released. Little Yuwei was about to take the mid term exam. Meanwhile he was also under tremendous pressure from his relatives and friends. He said to himself: "No matter how difficult it is, I will remain steadfast. I will never let my mom curse Dafa and Teacher! The more pressure I face, the more steadfast I will be." After the Chinese New Year, Yuwei's dad was hospitalized due to a heart attack, and Yuwei was again home alone. He cooked his own meals, which sometimes tasted awful. Under all kinds of pressure, Yuwei, who was very cheerful and humorous before, became very quiet and unhappy. Sometimes, he started to cry while chatting with his friends. When Yuwei felt wronged, he missed Teacher very much.

Even though spring had come, his mom was facing the possibility of being sent to a forced labor camp. All kinds of pressure piled up on him again. When Yuwei went to the detention center to visit his mom, even though his relatives and friends tried to force him to persuade her to give in, he didn't say a word when he saw her. After he came back, his relatives and friends waved their fists and were about to beat him. The next time they saw him, they forcefully put paper and a pen in his hand and forced him to see his mom again just for the purpose of having her to write a "Guarantee Statement." Little Yuwei was holding the paper and pen, standing right beside the entrance to the reception room. He looked at his mom without saying a word. His mom said to him tearfully: "My son, I can't write it!" Later, because his mom failed to pass the medical examination, the forced labor camp refused to admit her. She was eventually released.

Yuwei's mom came home at last. She later led the whole family and the families of their friends and relatives to study the Fa, do the exercises and be diligent.

Yuwei is a high school student now. Even though he is very busy with his studies, he is steadfast in studying the Fa after coming back home late every evening. One time, his Political Science teacher was trying to change him from the political perspective; however, his heart wasn't moved.

One day, Yuwei and his classmates went to the computer room for the computer final exam. While the whole class was waiting outside, Yuwei leaned on the glass door to look inside. Suddenly, a classmate standing behind him pushed him unintentionally and his right hand broke the glass. The broken glass cut Yuwei's hand and it started bleeding painfully. The school hospital is located on the same floor; when his classmates tried to get him to go there to receive some treatment, he said that he was ok and he didn't have to go. The miraculous thing was that when he was using the keyboard with both hands for a little while, his right hand didn't hurt any more.

This April, when Yuwei's school was electing excellent Communist Youth Party members at class, his teacher asked if everyone in the class was member. Yuwei put up his hand and said: "I am not." His teacher asked: "How come?" He said: "Because I renounced my membership." His teacher was very curious and asked: "How can you renounce it at will?" Since his teacher was afraid that would open up an opportunity for Yuwei to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to everyone in class, she stopped talking about it.

Yuwei often takes advantage of the break time and the time when they have gym class to talk about "the staged self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square" and other truth-clarification stories, and many students like to listen to him.

In his classmates' eyes, Yuwei is person of great intelligence who has his own ideas. This is because when Yuwei interacts with others, he can understand and think about others. His classmates all trust him very much.