From the end of March until now, the 610 Office of Shenzhen City in Guangdong Province and its local district offices have illegally arrested numerous Dafa practitioners. Mostly, they broke into practitioners' residences to arrest them and confiscated their property.

For example, practitioners Fu Xiuyun and Chen Jianxiong from Shenzhen were both arrested on April 14. Their whereabouts are unclear at present.

Liu Peizhen from Nanshan District was arrested on April 14, and is presently detained in Nanshan District Detention Center.

Wang Shuling, who lives in the Municipal Administration Company Housing Complex, and Zhang Fuying, who lives in Shenzhen Huatai Enterprise Company Housing Complex, were arrested from their residences by police from Jingtian Police Station and personnel from the neighborhood committee. Normally, this kind of arrest is coordinated by the local 610 Office. For about one month, practitioners went to the Futian Detention Center to look for these two practitioners. Finally they were told that Wang and Zhang were not detained there. Later we learned that they were both detained at a brainwashing facility at Xili Women's Labor Camp in Shenzhen. Wang Shuling was released after she wrote some kind of statement. Zhang Fuying is still detained there now.

Practitioner Xiao Anjiao from Shaodong, Hunan Province, used to work at a factory in Longgang District in Shenzhen. Xiao Anjiao was arrested and tortured by police from the Longgang District police station.

Not all of the local persecution cases have been exposed yet. Authorities have threatened to sentence many of these practitioners to jail terms.

According to some sources, this round of persecution was conducted by Shenzhen City's local district police stations, national security offices, 610 Offices and some other related agencies. Reliable sources have said that the Ministry of Public Security sent someone to Shenzhen just to supervise this persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Following are some of the related phone numbers: (please dial country code + area code + phone number, or country code + cell phone number. country code: 86, area code: 755)

Chief Li Feng, Shenzhen Municipal Police Department: 84465120, 84464050
Switchboard: 8446-3999
Zhang Yongqiang: 82498983, 84465001; Guan Lingen: 82498600, 84465010
Li Yingcai: 82498999, 84465009; Wang Jianping: 82498966, 84464015
Zhu Jiefeng: 82498870, 84465002; Shi Zhigang: 82498891, 84464001
Liang Fu: 82498822, 84465003; Yu Xinguo: 82498811, 84465005
Deng Yuguang: 82498828, 84465011; Liang Boquan: 82498668, 84464020
Shen Shaobao: 84461801, 82498823; Xu Dongping: 84469001, 83162918
Sun Wenrong: 83228322, 84465899; Cai Yanda: 83209538, 84465801
The Political Division: 82498700
Appealing Number: 84463999
Appealing Office: 84465020
Shenzhen Municipal Police Department Politics and Security Division: 8446-9700, 8229-1373
Internal Department On-Duty Office: 8249-8704 or 8446-5200

Shenzhen Municipal Police Department's Police Service Supervising Team, the special line to accept people's complaint: 84462570, 8331-9020 (provides 24 hours service). Their address is: 4018 Jiefang Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen 518008
Shenzhen Municipal National Security Bureau Switchboard: 25524000, 25404832, 83024825

Extension numbers are as follows:
Fan Zhiqing: 2002; Zhong Yingcai: 2008; Wang Weidong: 2006; Li Zhaoqi: 25524000 (ask for his extension)
Office number: 2015, 2013, 2012, FAX: 25404832
Political Division: 2063
Administrative Division: 2033

Shenzhen municipal CCP Politics and Law Committee
Sun Biao: 82498866, 84464016; Lin Shixi: 25585530; Zhang Zhengjin: 25596748, 84464091; Yang Hua: 25575200, 84464017; Wang Jiannan: 25597425
Wang Fei: 83797363, 83797369
Political Office: 25575211, 25598251
Office: 25598255, 25585532, FAX: 25575199
Comprehensive Administration Office: 25598256, 25597285
610 Office: 83799381, 83799610
Falun Gong Practitioner Special Management Office: 28180494
Shenzhen Municipal Government: 82100000
Shenzhen Municipal CCP Committee Appealing Section: 82105017, 82099316
CCP Shenzhen Discipline Inspection Committee: 82100974, 82103368, 82100171
Shenzhen People's Procuratorate: 25868000
Addresses: No. 2 Hongling N., Luohu District, Shenzhen City, zip code: 518023
Municipal Intermediate People's Court: 83535000 (party secretary, and president of court, Deng Jilian)
Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee of the National People's Congress: 25666226
Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Legal Affairs: 82099777
Shenzhen Municipal Judicature Bureau: 25560827
Nanshan District Police Department: 26610597
Nanshan District Police Department Appealing Office: #1 Zhongshan Yuan Road, Nanshan District, attn: District Police Department Secretarial Section, zip code: 518052
Nanshan District Police Department Inquiry: 84466028
Nanshan District Police Department Supervising and Inspection Section: 84466017
Nanshan District Police Department Patrol Team: 26523110, 26568733
Nanshan District Court: 26667142; 26562573
Judge Chen: 26568564
Nanshan District People's Government: 26665155
Nanshan Judicature Bureau: 26665784
Nanshan Detention Center: 26971574
Futian District Police Department: 84461021, 84461185, FAX: 84461025, 82718777
Address: #123 Fumin Road, Shenzhen City

Public Security Section Chief Huang Tao, male, has been participating in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999. Together with Wang Xiang, they have persecuted many practitioners. Wang Xiang, also male, was originally the Chief of the Political and Security Section of Futian District Police Department. He gained favor with the higher authorities for his efforts in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and was promoted to become the Division Chief of the Municipal District Police Department. His office phone number is: 82718666, extensions 8542, 8543, 8545; his cellular phone number is: 13902434068. Telephone number: 82718033

Futian District Public Appealing Office: 84461142
Chu Wenbo, director, Futian District 610 Office: 84461598, 84461599 (Office), 13902939916 (Cell)
Shenzhen Futian District Police Department 610 Office: 82918514, the director's last name is Wu.
Futian District Detention Center, duty office: 83113218, 84462756
Chief He and the Political Head (female)
Public reception room: 84462756
Futian District Jingtian Police Station: 83916212, 83922110, 83920330
Futian District Lianhua Neighborhood Committee: 82915728, Director Chen Chunfeng: 13500042731
Shenzhen Longgang District Police Department: 84468035, 28919955
Longgang District Detention Center, 2893-0166 extension 111 or 222
Longgang District People's Court, 28916826 (Switchboard), 28916658 (Office)
Longgang District People's Procuratorate, 28913191 (Office), 28913683 (Fax)

May 01, 2005