(Clearwisdom.net) After being severely tortured, practitioner Ms. Meng Qingying from Zhucheng City, Shandong Province was paralyzed. The police arrested another practitioner, Mr. Zhao Qingliang, and extorted 20,000 Yuan from his family. They had earlier arrested Ms. Meng's husband Mr. Ren Bingyu and sentenced him to three years of forced labor. Their son Ren Junpeng was expelled from school.

In the evening of April 14, 2005, local police arrested practitioner Ms. Diao Anlan from Zhucheng City Wanjiazhuang Village when she was distributing truth clarifying flyers. Because of the severe pressure, Ms. Diao told the police where she obtained the flyers. That same night, seven police officers headed by Li Jiajun stormed into Ms. Meng Qingying's house in Xicun Village, Jiayue Township. After they searched the house, they arrested Ms. Meng. Since Ms. Meng refused to cooperate with the arrest, the police punched and kicked her, and carried her into a police car.

In the Wanjiazhuang Police Station, police head Yue Yanxi ordered policeman Li Jiajun and others to interrogate Ms. Meng using different violent methods. They first slapped her face over forty times, and then they hit and kicked her back and stomach area. As a result, Ms. Meng's body was covered with bruises, and one of her toenails was torn off. Finally, the torture caused Ms. Meng to be paralyzed, and she had to be carried to a detention center. One eye-witness said, "They beat her so badly that this case will certainly be exposed!"

To protest the torture and illegal detention, Ms. Meng started a hunger strike. Fearing that she might die in prison, the police came to her daughter's house on April 21 and forced her to pay 3,000 Yuan, and then they released Ms. Meng. Even today, practitioner Ms. Meng Qingying remains paralyzed and cannot walk.

On April 12, 2005, political security team head Xu Guangrong and other policemen arrested practitioner Mr. Zhao Qingliang from Zhucheng City Wadian Village. Mr. Zhao was shopping at a farmers' market at the time, and they had no reason to arrest him. Mr. Zhao's older brother, the Party secretary of the village, immediately asked the local police to contact Xu Guangrong to find out the reason for the arrest. The police deliberately sent back word that they would send Mr. Zhao to a forced labor camp. The older brother then informed two other Zhao brothers in the city. The concerned brothers started making contacts with their connections to rescue Mr. Zhao Qingliang. Their effort was exactly what the police wanted. The police used all sorts of fabricated stories to intimidate Mr. Zhao's brothers and family members. Finally, on April 16, 2005, the police extorted 20,000 Yuan from Mr. Zhao's family to get him out.

Because practitioners Mr. Ren Bingyu and Ms. Meng Qingying (husband and wife) once traveled to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, the local police repeatedly raided their house and made arrests. The police extorted nearly 20,000 Yuan from them. In May 2003, the Jiayue Township police chief Yong Yusuo and other police arrested Mr. Ren and took him to the police station. Cao Jinhui from the Zhucheng City 610 Office sentenced Mr. Ren to three years in a forced labor camp without any legal procedure. Mr. Ren is now detained at the Changle Forced Labor Camp. Their son Mr. Ren Junpeng was a student at the Zhucheng Number One Middle School. Because he clarified the facts about the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation and explained to people that Dafa practitioners are not allowed to commit suicide or to kill anyone, his teacher informed the school administration. Principal Li Xianyang then expelled him from the school.

May 14, 2005