On March 1, 2005, the police arrested Ms Zhang Fengying, a Falun Gong practitioner in Funing County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. They detained her and later sent to a forced brainwashing center. Four policemen monitored her in turn and tortured her. She became extremely weak as a result of the abuse. For a while she was in critical condition and sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. Several days later, the police claimed that Ms. Zhang had escaped on March 23. Currently we do not know her whereabouts.

Ms. Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner from Naziyu Village, Yiyuankou County, Zhucaoying Town. As reported by a local villager, nine policemen, including Ru Hongxi and Song from the Department of Administration and Security of the National Security Team of the Public Security Bureau of Qinhuangdao City, Pan Qiang, Miao Hui from the Zhucaoying Police station and others arrested her on March 1, 2005. They also searched her home. Several policemen carried her into the police car and brutally beat her husband and son. They were also taken to the police station and were not released until that night.

The police took Ms. Zhang to the Funing County Public Security Bureau and tried to force her to tell them where she got the books and materials about Falun Gong and the copy machine, but they could not get any information from her. Ru Hongxi slapped her in the face. She lost consciousness and her body was shivering. The police had to take her to the hospital for emergency treatment. At night they locked her up at the Funing Detention Center and confiscated her watch and the 500 Yuan she had with her.

In the detention center Ms. Zhang went on hunger strike, demanding to be released unconditionally. A dozen policemen carried her out for force-feeding. Half a month later, as they could not get any information from her, they took her to a hotel facing the Funing People's Hospital for a 10-day forced brainwashing session. Meanwhile, they called Zhang Fengying's husband and son every day to harass them, threatening them in an attempt to get her to tell them where she got the materials. They said that if she did not tell them, she would be sentenced to 5-7 years in prison. On March 17, Ms. Zhang's husband and son visited her. They found that she had a hard time talking. She was even too weak to take care of herself, but she was still monitored in turn by several policemen.

After 10 days, the police from Funing County went to Ms. Zhang's home and told her husband that on March 23, she jumped from the second floor and escaped. Her husband found it hard to believe. She had been tortured so severely that she was not able to take care of herself and she was constantly monitored by so many policemen. Therefore, he could not imagine how she was able to run away.

Related Parties and Their Telephone Numbers:

The Funing County Government:
Hu Xicai, Head of the Administration and Legal Department (who collected money), 86-335-6021698
The Funing County Detention Center, 86-335-3012574
Wang Jinzhong, head of the Funing County 610 Office, 86-13011465288(Cell), 86-335-6682199(Home)
Department of Administration and Security, Funing County Public Security Bureau, 86-335-6012230
Ru Hongxi, head of the Department of Administration and Security, Funing County, 86-335-6014819
The Funing County Temporary Detention Center, 86-335-6012960 86-335-6017970
Zhang Zhimin, Political Instructor
Liu Guo, He Zuoyou, Wang Lichun, and Song Changtai, instructors

The Zhucaoying Town Government:
Address: Guozhuang Village, Zhucaoying County, Zip Code 066309 (same address with the police station)
Yu Guhai, Former Zhucaoying County Communist Party Secretary
Wang Shaoguo, current Zhucaoying County Communist Party Secretary
Wang Zhankuan, Communist Party Secretary of the Department of Administration & Law

The Zhucaoying County Police Station:
Pan Weixing, Director of the police station, 86-335-6090024
Li Hao, Deputy Director, 86-13930380999(Cell)
Hou Kaiting, Political Instructor, 86-13933963089(Cell)

May 11, 2005