(Clearwisdom.net) Since the start of this year, the number of practitioners persecuted to death as reported on the Clearwisdom website have increased every week. The number has grown from over 25 a week to over 100 people each week. At this final stage of the Fa rectification period and at this crucial time when so many of the world's people have been poisoned by the evil specter of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and are waiting to be saved, so many practitioners are being persecuted to death. Why would such a phenomenon exist? Every one of our Dafa disciples should think about it carefully, as it is closely related to the Fa rectification process and the salvation of sentient beings.

I began thinking about this at the end of last year, when the weekly death toll rose to 25. Why would so many practitioners be persecuted to death? I noticed that most of the practitioners who were persecuted to death were elderly, and most of them seemed to have passed away from some sort of illness. In my area alone, from late last year to now, several elderly practitioners have suffered from manifestations of severe sickness karma. I will only mention a few cases here. One elderly male practitioner cultivates with his celestial eye open. One winter morning last year, Teacher's Fashen told him to get up and practice the exercises. He opened his eyes and saw that it was snowing and cold outside, so he went back to sleep. Two hours later when an ordinary person knocked on the door, he struggled to get up and open the door right away. Just as he was about to get up, however, he saw a big, dark form press him down, and even the two-inch-thick wooden bed that he was lying on broke. He became paralyzed. Afterwards, the practitioner recovered and enlightened to the fact that he had been persecuted by the evil because he had slacked off. He hadn't been clarifying the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa and only sent forth righteous thoughts once a day. He wasn't practicing the exercises, either. Another elderly lady's son lost his business and fled abroad with his family to escape debt. This practitioner was very concerned about her son and couldn't concentrate on doing the exercises, nor could she calm her mind while clarifying the truth, studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. As a consequence, she tripped and fell and, to this day, cannot control her limbs. Another elderly male practitioner fell and never regained consciousness. He lost his precious human body that was able to clarify the facts and save sentient beings. Another practitioner in her forties was diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer before she practiced Falun Dafa. She later followed her husband to practice. She did not experience any pain or sickness over the next three years. Even the doctor said that it was a miracle. Her daughter and son also started practicing. Nonetheless, she recently passed away all of a sudden. According to her husband, since his wife recovered from her sickness, she hardly ever studied the Fa or practiced the exercises. She was acting like an ordinary person. There are a few more similar cases.

These practitioners who were persecuted to death all have something in common. That is, they were in their senior years and Dafa had extended their lifetimes. Nonetheless, they could not be strict with themselves and many could not balance the relationship between personal cultivation and Fa rectification period cultivation. They always treated themselves as elderly people rather than Fa rectification Dafa disciples. I once gave an elderly practitioner some truth clarification material for her to hand out. She didn't accept them, saying, "You young people are quick and nimble. You can hand out these few materials." I felt pained at the time. I want to share with the elderly practitioners and help them upgrade their understanding of the Fa. This is an urgent matter. Around each practitioner there is a group of sentient beings waiting to be saved. Whether or not one does well is directly related to the Fa rectification process and determines the survival and the futures of those sentient beings.

May 8, 2005