(Clearwisdom.net) On May 15, 2005, the New Zealand Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held at the Crown Plaza in Auckland. Practitioners from Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Queenstown attended the conference, including veteran practitioners and those who are just learning the cultivation practice.

Falun Dafa Conference
Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

On either side of the stage, two large banners with verses from Hong Yin II hung vertically. At the opening ceremony in the morning, the hosts reviewed New Zealand practitioners' participation in various Fa-rectification activities during the past year and expressed their gratitude for Master's compassion.

During the Fa-conference, three practitioners led the audience in singing "Song of the Lotus Flower." Many young practitioners from all areas of NZ recited the poem "Falun Dafa Is Good." The audience applauded the children warmly.

About 20 practitioners shared their experiences in different aspects of cultivation.

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Practitioners share their experiences

One western practitioner talked about his own progress in being honest and considerate. He said he also realized that these changes were just the beginning. An 81-year-old practitioner from Mainland China shared his experience of being brainwashed for so many years in the Communist Party culture. He said that renouncing the Party and clearing away its poisonous influence is a must-do for every practitioner from Mainland China.

One practitioner who obtained the Fa after the persecution started shared her heartfelt happiness at becoming a practitioner. She also told about the tests she has encountered in conforming to Dafa and how she has answered them. She talked about the beautiful feelings she experienced after she gave up stubborn mindsets. From clarifying the truth in Internet chat rooms, she has come to better understand Master's teaching of Compassion.

Another practitioner shared her understandings on the recent case of Hong Kong practitioners winning their appeal in the Supreme Court. She was on the blacklist and denied entry to Hong Kong. She talked about her understanding of Master's compassionate saving of sentient beings. Referring to other events such as "Article 23" and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party spreading in Hong Kong, she said she understood that winning the appeal was Master's benevolent settling of many issues.

Time passes quickly, and the one-day-long experience sharing soon ended. Finally, the hosts and everyone in the audience recited a poem to encourage each other to progress as one body on the path of Fa-rectification.