(Clearwisdom.net) About the issue of Dafa disciples quitting the evil party and guiding the public to publish withdrawal statements (quitting the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers), I would like to discuss here some of my own thoughts and procedures.

It can be seen from the articles on the Minghui website that so far there are still some practitioners whose understanding of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" is not clear. They are not clear on the issue of quitting the party, let alone guiding their family members and friends to do so.

As to the evil nature of the Communist Party, a Dafa disciple can see from its brutal persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples. Why is one, as a Dafa disciple, still reluctant to part with such an evil organization? What makes one as a Dafa disciple still attached to such an evil organization? Each practitioner represents a huge celestial body. If he/she does not withdraw from the evil party, but still lives as one of its members, doesn't the evil party have a reason to continue to maintain its feeble existence?

There are a few disciples that still participate in such Party-support-building activities such as the one "to maintain the advanced nature of party members." It is said in the section of "Buddha Image Consecration" in the book Zhuan Falun:

"Then other people come to worship it, they worship and worship, and that gives it some energy. It's even more dangerous if the worshippers are practitioners. From the moment they start to worship it it'll gradually start to get energy"

The energy Dafa disciples carry is all very big. Think about it, how much energy can one give to the evil party by doing so? A Dafa disciple's every action and every movement all correspond to very big issues. Then if one does not quit the party when it's the time to withdraw from the party, and if one doesn't act when it's the time to destroy the books and goods of the evil party, won't this create barriers for the numerous gods to eliminate it? Will this influence the Fa-rectifying process?

Now in the rising tide of leaving the party, if Dafa disciples cannot do well, and don't take the initiative, then we are unable to lead the public to act. It may cause many people with predestined relationships, who have learned the truth and should have originally been saved, to lose the opportunity to enter the future. Dafa disciples in Mainland China are the main body, and should realize as soon as possible the necessity and urgency of withdrawal from the party. Those disciples, who have been filled by the evil party with too many toxins in their brains, should read "Nine Commentaries" more often, and send more righteous thoughts. People who have a predestined relationship and who have understood the truth, may be purged by the numerous gods because of their attachment to the mark of the beast. A Dafa disciple may also lose the opportunity of reaching consummation because of having the mind of approving and accepting the mark of the evil.

The "Nine Commentaries" are being distributed rapidly in Mainland China, but people in the state of waiting and watching are still very many. Although more people have realized the evil nature of the CCP, they still have the misunderstanding about the formality of publishing a withdrawal from the party. Without publishing a statement to withdraw from the party, one is unable to have the mark of the beast that they bear erased. His/her life is not safeguarded. Dafa disciples are the only hope for sentient beings to enter the future. We are supposed to help save sentient beings absolutely as much as possible, helping people make the right choices for their future.

Helping people understand the evil nature of the CCP is only one aspect. The real purpose is that they are choosing their futures. No matter why they make the right choice (from truly realizing the evil of the Chinese Communist Party, to wanting to maintain an existence, to not wanting to be eliminated during natural and man-made disasters), as long as they have agreed to withdraw from the Party, then I think the public statements made for them should count. The mark of the beast that they bear will be erased, and they will have chosen a glorious future for themselves.

April 20, 2005