1. Ms. Lu Ronghua of Shandong Province Disappeared on the Way to Beijing in December 2000

Ms. Lu Ronghua, 56 years old, is a former staff member of the Qixia City Electricity Industry Bureau, Shandong Province. Her home address: Family Dorm Building of Qixia City Electricity Industry Bureau, Shandong Province. Her work telephone number is: 86-535-5211443.

Ms. Lu started practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. She experienced significant benefits to her body and mind. Many serious illnesses that she had were completely healed. After the persecution of Falun Dafa started on July 20, 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal several times, but the police captured her on the way there. Ms. Lu has been missing since December 24, 2000, when she sent to Beijing again in an attempt to validate Falun Dafa. No one has heard anything about her or been able to locate her.

2. Mr. Ci Baosen from Jingmen in Hubei Province Missing for Four Years

Mr. Ci Baosen, over 40 years old, is the former director of the Yuelianghu (Moon Lake) Police Station (now changed to the Yuelianghu Public Security Sub-bureau) at the Jingmen Petrochemical Headquarter Factory. In 1999, he and his wife Ms. Li Hong-E were arrested while on their way to appeal in Beijing for the right to practice Falun Gong. While Ms. Li was detained, Mr. Ci was sent to a labor camp. He was released around the end of 2000 or the beginning of 2001. In the second half of 2001, his work unit did not allow him to work normally. They also unreasonably refused Mr. Ci's application to get paid as he should for the number of his employment years. They only gave him a small amount for living expenses each month. His wife also lost her job and did not have any source of income. At that time they needed to have enough money to pay for their son and daughter's high school education. Facing the dual pressures of the local personnel's restriction of their personal freedom and the economic interruption, Mr. Ci was compelled to leave home to make a living elsewhere. Four years have passed. No message has ever been received from him and no one has been able to find him.

3. Li Yuling from Jingmen, Hubei Province Missing for Over Three Years

Ms. Li Yuling, over 40 years old, is a former party committee secretary from the First Elementary School at Jingmen Petrochemical Headquarter Factory. In 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. At the beginning of 2000, Ms. Li was sent to a labor camp and released after she was forcibly brainwashed for around six months. After her release, she recovered to a normal state and started practicing Falun Dafa again. Due to the constant persecution, she had to leave her home to avoid recapture and was forced to wander about from place to place. After the first six months of 2002, no one received any more messages from her. According to one of her good friends, she could have been arrested by the officials in Guizhou Province. Her whereabouts are unknown and no one has heard from Li Yuling or been able to locate her for over 3 years.

4. Two Sisters, Huang Fengying and Huang Fenghua, Both Missing Since the End of 2001

Ms. Huang Fengying , also named Gao Hongying, 28-29 years old, graduated from the Tianjin Institute of Technology; Ms. Huang Fenghua, 25-26 years old, was a student at the Qingdao Institute of Foreign Languages. Because she practiced Falun Dafa, the school dismissed Huang Fenghua in March 2001, just two months before she was supposed to graduate. The sisters have been arrested, detained and persecuted many times. They went missing around the end of 2001, probably in Beijing or Baoding, Hebei Province and have not been heard from since. Their whereabouts are unknown.

5. Ms. Xu Lishan of Guangdong Province, Missing for More than Four Years

Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Lishan, 42 years old, worked at a laboratory in the Chaozhou City Running Water Company, Guangdong Province. Before starting to practice Falun Dafa, she had a serious gynecological disease. She frequently sought medical treatment, but it didn't seem to help. In 1998, she fortunately started practicing Falun Dafa and her health recovered very quickly. Her husband was unhappy about her practicing Falun Dafa. He aggressively opposed the practice and abused her. Nevertheless, Ms. Xu persistently kept studying the teachings of Dafa and practicing the exercises.

After the persecution started, Ms. Xu went to Beijing for the first time in August 2000 to appeal against the persecution of Falun Dafa. Later, after the Chaozhou Police Station and the Running Water Company brought her back, she was put in a local detention center for 15 days. Ms. Xu was required to pay all of the expenses (more than 9,000 yuan in total) of the trip to Beijing to bring her back. The Running Water Company requested her husband to pay the money in one installment. Her husband did not have the entire amount and had to borrow 4,000 yuan in order to pay the first part of it. The remainder, a little over 5,000 yuan was deducted later from wages. Ms. Xu went to Beijing for the second time on December 12, 2000. The news of her arrest came through, and she has been missing since then. No one has been able to locate her.