(Clearwisdom.net) The nitpicking judges might be thoroughly familiar with the finer points of law, but in the case at hand, they have failed to see the larger and more important issues. They are overly critical and have issued an unjust verdict. To curry favor with China's dictators, these judges turned clauses of law into something sharper than knives.

Such is the case for two Falun Gong practitioners who were given unjust criminal sentences in Singapore. On February 23, 2003, Ms. Ng Chye Huay and Ms. Cheng Lujin went to Marina City Park to introduce Falun Gong. They also told people the truth about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China. In May 2004, Singapore police filed eight criminal charges against them, including "Illegal Assembly without Permit" and "Possession and Distribution of VCDs without a Certificate." After nearly a year of legal proceedings, on April 27, 2005, the Singapore Court finally issued a verdict, albeit unjust, against Ms. Ng and Ms. Cheng. The two ladies were ordered to pay fines of 24,000 and 20,000 Singapore Dollars (US $14,660 and $12,216), respectively.

Before the judge announced the verdict, she said that she could not accept the argument by the defendants' lawyer that the defendants were exercising their rights of freedom of speech and freedom of belief, to which they are entitled according to the Singapore Constitution. The judge also said, "No matter whether or not the Chinese government has engaged in the persecution, no matter whether or not the persecution exists, no matter whether or not you have told people in the park the truth, none of these are important. You went to Merlion Statue to showed people Falun Gong materials and distributed VCDs and flyers. As long as you have gathered without a permit, we can file charges against you."

This judge used every means to find the two ladies guilty. But she does not accept the defense of freedom of speech and freedom of belief, which are endowed by the Singapore Constitution. And she thinks the circumstance of Falun Gong practitioners having been persecuted in China is unimportant.

Following this logic, has a pedestrian committed the crime of disturbing the peace when he yells loudly for help while being assaulted by bad persons? Has a person committed the crime of breaking and entering when he rushes into someone's house to put out a fire? Every law has many clauses and details. However, these clauses and details, no matter how numerous, cannot cover all of the varied circumstances in actual society. Therefore, police officers need to know how to enforce the law using appropriate measures, and the judges need to make proper explanations and judgments during court cases. But all these actions must be based on the principle that laws are enacted to protect the justice and morals of society. By deviating from this basic point, clauses of the laws can be turned into weapons for framing innocent people. This unfortunate situation occurred in the Singapore Court.

Ms. Ng Chye Huay and Ms. Cheng Lujin merely executed the rights entitled to them by the constitution - freedom of speech and freedom of belief. Their actions hurt no one. In a society that is truly ruled by law, such as the United States or Taiwan, the two ladies' actions are not against the law, and are instead protected by the law. However, they were charged by the Singapore police and handed a guilty verdict by the Singapore judge. This kind of charge and verdict has violated justice and morality and blasphemed the dignity of the law. This charging and sentencing itself is a violation of the law.

Actually, this verdict handed down by the Singapore Court, has at the very least helped the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to do evil, and further tarnished Singapore's already not-so-democratic image. It should be remembered that those who ignore righteous causes, favoring petty interests, never stay long. We hope that the Singapore authorities consider this issue carefully, correct their mistakes, and do not give in to pressure from the CCP.