(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ren Conghuai from Chongqing City was steadfast in her practice of Falun Dafa. She was mistreated by the authorities on multiple occasions. When her life was in danger, she was still sentenced to five years in prison, and police and State Security Agents were still come to harass her, monitor her. She was deeply frightened, and died on April 6, 2005. More details of her case follow:

Ms. Ren Conghuai was 62 years old, lived in Xiangshizi Street, Zhenan Town, Kai County, Chongqing City. On March 8, 2001, she joined Ankang Group Fa Study in Kai County, was arrested, and detained one week in Shengshan Police Substation. The living condition was so poor, that they each can only have one small bowl of rice porridge each time. Ms. Ren let others have her bowl of porridge. She only had one bowl in three days. She was released before her sentence was up.

On the 2004 Chinese New Year eve, she went out to post Falun Dafa banners. Two weeks later, a fellow practitioner was arrested when clarifying the truth, and turned Ms. Ren in when being cruelly tortured. On the evening of March 4, 2004, 11 p.m., Kai County State Security Division Huang Deming (male) and Xu Zhengxue (male) lead ten people from local police, Neighborhood Administration entered Ms. Ren's home by climbing the wall from her neighbor's house, took away all her Falun Dafa books and materials. They also arrested her, interrogated her at midnight, and sent her to Kai County Detention Center on March 5, 2005.

During three months detention, Ms. Ren Conghuai absolutely refused to cooperate with the evil, was severely tortured both mentally and physically. Her old sickness reoccurred, could not eat in May, sent to hospital for check up, and the doctors announced that she was dying. She was bailed out on medical parole, later was sentenced five years in prison but on medical parole.

Ms. Ren never gave up her belief, firmly cultivating Falun Dafa. As a result, the local police and State Security Agents kept coming to her door to harass her. Her mind was deeply disturbed, and she died on April 6, 2005.