(Clearwisdom.net, May 13, 2005) Inspired by the New York Project which features daily anti-torture exhibitions on the streets of New York over a long period of time (starting from last August and still ongoing), Korean practitioners began holding anti-torture exhibitions in many cities since last year to raise awareness of the brutal persecution in China. Starting in May, practitioners have been holding anti-torture exhibitions in front of the Seoul City Government compound.

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Tourists reading fliers
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The anti-torture exhibition site

Because of the recent unjust verdict in Singapore against two innocent practitioners, practitioners in Korea also set up an exhibition at a location close to the Singapore Embassy. People passing by can hear the melodious Dafa music and view the elegant and relaxing Falun Gong exercises, which cast an abrupt contrast to the brutality of the persecution and the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party revealed by the exhibition. The unshakable faith demonstrated by the practitioners in China touched many passersby's hearts.

While listening to practitioners' detailed explanation of the persecution in China, people's attitudes gradually changed from shock and disbelief, to carefully reading the materials, from sadness to sympathy, and many signed the petition calling for an end to the persecution.

The anti-torture exhibition will continue at the Chinese Embassy through June.